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Holiday drabbles!

IT'S THE HOLIDAY POST! Requests are closed, fics are being posted. All fics posted will be listed below. Happy holidays, everyone!

-Natalie verse, sunshine for cloex_brosluvr
-J2, never make eye contact during a devil's threeway for miss_grumble
-Picture the Two of Us Alone Inside My Golden Submarine, jealousy for erushi
-J2 non-AU, one admits his feelings and the other isn't sure how to feel for tarattack
-Tractorbeam/Leverage, music for lilac_one
-J2 non-AU, there are a million rumors about Jared and Jensen and they're all true for kaycee_a
-Men With Kids, cuddling for athenaswirls
-Keep Digging, Maybe We'll Find Some Talent, feathers for charis_kalos
-Tom/Mike, postcards for allesodernichts
-Things Change, pie for violateraindrop
-Like You Imagined When You Were Young, protective for deirdre_c
-Make Me Smile, awkward for katestamps
-Going to Hell, Chad for paula_lirio
-Brittany/Santana for loony_moony
- Keep Digging, Maybe We'll Find Some Talent, props for vorpalblades
-I Fought the Battle of Trinidad and Tobago, thermodynamics for ceriseros
-Jared and Jensen are rival BBQers for mr_mrs_faxsea
-Natalie 'verse, contrast for levelly
-J2, online dating for enablelove
-J2 AU of The Guardian for asitha
-Going to Hell, debut for mizzhap (verse)
-J2 non-AU, gay chicken for simplybeing
-Jared does study abroad in France, Jensen is a caffeine addict for acdesgarcons
-Want Me First and Foremost, Keep Me Company, vacation for one_2_3_4 (original story)
-Still He Offers the Seashell, marriage for xturncoatxiii (original story)
-John Winchester returns from the dead as a unicorn with the face of a man for vaudevillainy (season six spoilers)
-J2 AU of The OC with Jensen!Ryan and Jared!Seth for kimmay7
-J2/Danneel, love is like paperclips for kendas
-Right Where I Belong, honeymoon for charmedor (original story)
-Iron Man J2 AU for eruminator
-Natalie 'verse, drawings for jellicle (verse)
-Picture the Two of Us Alone Inside My Golden Submarine, baboon for stupathetically (original story)
-Sam keeps turning into kitchen appliances in times of high emotion. for wanttobeatree (season six spoilers)
-Greek (TV) J2 AU for mountingsnow
-FNL J2, aging for feathertofly (verse)
-Picture the Two Of Us Alone Inside My Golden Submarine, xkcd for kaelinkins
-Austin/Santino, Kevin Jonas for beckaandzac
-Diego teaches Jared and Jensen Spanish for heterodog (...original story? maybe? idek. you probably don't want to read this one.)
-Clark pursues Lex, who is straight for snglesrvngfrend
-Danneel is a lesbian theater geek for scintilla10
-FNL, Tim/Becky for alasse (spoilers for season five)
-Jared wants to go to a haunted house for arglikeapirate
-Live Free or Twihard, clue for elliemurasaki (original story)
-J2 with puppies and hot chocolate for quiet000001
-Men With Kids, vacation for saone77 (verse)
-Sam/Dean in the Pokemon universe for amindaya
-Jensen is a stripper, Jared knows more than he wants to about the Jonas Brothers for vivadiscordia
-FNL Boys, family for worfangel (verse)
-Jared/Jensen, Jensen is a superhero and Jared is the hilariously bad villain who won't leave him alone for straykim
-Shy!Jensen/famous!Jared, parents for leodragon1 (verse link thing)
-J2, walking the dogs for mistyzeo
-J2, Arcadia for askmehow
-Tractorbeam, interview for boomrobotdog (verse)
-Men With Kids, massage for arabiana (verse)
-Joe/Nick, Joe celebrates his 21st birthday with Nick for itsthedetails
-Austin/Santino, Austin has to be tough and/or butch for xenachakram12
-Supernatural/Psych crossover for lenta_85
-Jared is an alien studying humans for britomart_is
-Jared is a tour guide at a museum, Jensen is a visitor for __tiana__
-Tractorbeam, cuddles for peppervl (verse)
-Austin/Santino high school AU for merely_anger
-Natalie 'verse, nativity for violetrose1922 (verse)
-Possibilities You Don't Even Know You've Got 'verse, clashing for transfixeddream (verse)
-J2, bad first impression for neko_9786
-Shy!Jensen/famous!Jared, paparazzi for katiebugs18 (verse)
-Jared pervs on watching Jensen eat an apple for bookofdays
-Going to Hell, snow for juice817 (verse)
-Austin and Santino, dancing BFFs with tulle for matalinolukaret
-Joe/Nick, brotherly rough-housing leads to more for nature_aly
-Going to Hell, undone for zoidbergian
-Sam/Dean, Becky won't stop texting for clex_monkie89 (spoilers for 611)
-When You Care Enough to Hit Send, anniversary for princesslanie (verse)
-Tractorbeam, sunshine for kazminka (verse)
-Tom/Mike, sweet dreams! for jana_nox
-Jared/Jensen, Jared is a comic geek, Jensen is a long-suffering genie for tanpopo03
-Austin/Santino, not everyone is nice and accepting for sophie_448
-J2 Ouran Host Club for dulcetine
-Natalie 'verse, future for an_cat_dubh (verse)
-Everything Feels Like the End of the World, professors for jillsjourney (verse)
-Sam/Dean, Sam overhears Dean having phone sex for callowyn
-Coming Right Up, J2 cuddles for iltb (story)
-My Man Ackles, seaside for ranalore (verse)
-Natalie 'verse, graduation for wingstar (verse)
-Psych/Leverage crossover with Shawn/Gus/Jules for zvi_likes_tv
-Everybody Waiting for Superman, baby for making_gravy (story)
-My Man Ackles, fire for missstaceyg (verse)
-The Boy Who Was Kind of a Tool, All Things Considered, expelliarmus for keyweegirlie (story)
-Hardison and Eliot's secret relationship is discovered for biancathecookie
-Tractorbeam, gingerbread for con_maynard (verse)
-Parker/Hardison/Eliot, Sophie gives Parker the talk for sequinedfairy
-Sam/Dean AU where Dean goes to college for earthquakedream
-J2 AU of One Fine Day for oddie33325
-Going to Hell, Irish for karmicunderpath (verse)
-Castiel/Sweets, ponies for elizardbits (verse)
-When You Care Enough to Hit Send, stars for quantrail (verse)
-J2 Adventures in Babysitting for celaeno7
-J2, rival baseball coaches who bond over a mutual enemy for gwaeren
-iCarly/SPN, pomegranates for heidi8 (story)
-J2 American Idol for duckgirlie
-Sam/Dean Epic Love Verse, reunion for emnorth (verse)
-Shy Jensen/Protective Jared for giandujakiss
-Sam/Dean mpreg for my_sam_dean
-Going to Hell, quiet for cee_m (verse)
-Jensen/Danneel college AU, finals for izzychase (story 1 and story 2)
-Truth or Dare, telling for gemini8 (verse)
-Call Me, Call Me, date for swing_set13 (story)
-Sweets/Castiel, photography for owlchyld (verse)
-Jensen and JDM, quiet time for bertee
-Jared and Jensen on Top Chef: Just Desserts for rinkhals
-OnStar, camera for logans_mom00 (story with link to first story)
-Sam and John have the sex talk for stormcloude
-Jared and Jensen run a crew in the Leverage universe for moondragonic
-Going to Hell, sleeping for burnishdvictory (verse)
-Going to Hell, donkey for strippedhalo
-I Think That You Came Too Soon, magnetism for quietdiscerning (story)
-Danneel/Sandy, public showers for engel82
-Tractorbeam, misunderstandings for kellifer_fic (verse)
-OnStar, kitten for brate7 (story)
-Going to Hell, expectant for dariygirl (verse)
-Live Free Or Twihard, family for kitschywrite (story)
-Jensen struggles to tell Jared he's HIV positive for jooniper_pearl
-Things Change, vacation for nicefeet (verse)
-Princess Bride J2, with Inigo!Jensen and Fezzik!Jared for koneko_kitsune
-Eliot and Hardison vs. the internet for _harmlessthings
-Jared doesn't understand why people on the internet compare him to a puppy for hils
-J2 fusion with TiMER for nola_rue
-Love Actually Billy!Jared/Joe!Jensen, tabloid for aberglaube (story)
-The Boy Who Was Kind of a Tool, All Things Considered, comfort for skipper_713 (story)
-Nevermind the Buzzcocks J2 AU for bittersweet_art
-Jared thinks Jensen has an evil twin, Jensen thinks Jared has a mental disability for sussurando
-Things Change, Chris for babyduckling (verse)
-J2, awkward flirting in the college library stacks for bonniebb
-The camera catches Santino perving on Austin for tagalongcookies
-Misha/Mike, fail whale for que_divertido
-Possibilities You Don't Even Know You've Got, blackout for kultiras (verse)
-Men With Kids, homework for wendy (verse)
-J2 are online friends who meet up at an event for their idol, Misha Collins for sigrundora
-Fortune cookies, quesadilla for pre_expansion (story)
-Not a Nashville Party, proposal for syllic (story)
-Men With Kids, emergency for annella (verse)
-Friends and Family, nightmare for jesseofthenorth (story)
-Sing Me a Lullaby, Sing Me the Alphabet, callouses for too_rational (story)
-Jared is a lousy superhero, Jensen is his self-foiling rival for aluminion
-Tall Dark and Not Bad Looking, proposal for helloapollo (story)
-Tractobeam, obsession for winchestergirl (verse)
-Austin and Santino watch Lilo and Stitch together for phrenk
-Hardison shows Eliot his sexual prowess for lierdumoa
-Jensen is one bitchy escort for athynto
-J2 mistaken identity at the college dance for felisblanco
-Natalie 'verse, breakfast for kubis (verse)
-Tractorbeam, knitting for without_me (verse)
-Luke/Vince, front porch for goshemily
-Tractorbeam, rings for sambrotta
-The Boy Who Was Kind of a Tool, All Things Considered, aftermath for be_the_change09 (story)
-Tractorbeam, avalanche for ursalita (verse)
-Someday Everything Is Gonna Be Smooth Like a Rhapsody for readerj (story)
-Jared fills the house with mistletoe, Jensen plays dumb for waterfaerie124
-Barista!Jensen/customer!Jared, overcaffeinated for myfieldnotes (story)
-Mike/Misha, sex pollen as a recreational drug for waterofthemoon
-Jared and Jensen are married but still BFFs so they all live together and have an awesome house of awesome for myjadedhavok
-Things Change, mistletoe for denitta (verse)
-Jared/Jensen, bad pickup lines for elless18
-iCarly/SPN, literature for lady_ganesh (story)
-Your Love Is Christopher Walken, kleenex for mrwubbles
-Tractorbeam, fluffernutter for cherrymmm (verse)
-classy_lawyers, babies for essene (classy_lawyers
-Shy!Jensen/famous!Jared, premiere for p3pp3rcorn (verse link thing)
-Picture the Two of Us Alone Inside My Golden Submarine, robots for monjuic (story)
-Tractorbeam, photographs for xasterisk
-Going to Hell, tears for equally_dour (verse)
-FNL boys, Luke/Vince for joans23 (verse)
-Going to Hell, night for takeintoaccount
-Jared and Jensen stuck in a time loop for strangeallure


Oct. 1st, 2010 01:29 am (UTC)
woo hoo!!

men with kids: cuddling
Dec. 2nd, 2010 05:01 am (UTC)
Nate is, in general, not really one of those cuddly kids.

It occasionally surprises Jensen, because Jared is one of those touchy, demonstrative people who prefers hugs to handshakes and thinks that no matter how many people are on a couch, they should always be in a big pile, as if huddling together for warmth. Jensen thinks he falls somewhere between the two of them, because he likes affection (mostly from Jared) and he likes being close to people, but he mostly likes it in specific situations.

Jared therefore spends most of his time attached to Jensen, with occasional deviations to give Nate hugs or tickles or various other forms of affection, all of which are met with exasperated cries of daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad from Nate. It's cute, and it makes Jensen feel all warm and fuzzy and like a family. Which they are--he lives with them, Nate refers to them as "my parents" and it's all very domestic and adorable and everything Jensen has ever wanted in his life.

But he's still nervous as hell when he and Nate drop Jared off at the airport for a weekend conference and Nate gives Jared a big hug and lets him go. It's very un-Nate, and Jensen can't help worrying it's a reflection on him--that Nate, for all he likes Jensen, doesn't want to be left alone with him. It's only been a year, after all, and while that's a lot larger proportion of Nate's life than it is of Jensen's, Jensen still feels like he's a lot more attached.

"So, we gonna have some wild parties while your dad's gone?" Jensen asks.

Nate gives him a disdainful look, which, given he's six, is equal parts hilarious and endearing. "I think any party both of us went to wouldn't be very wild."

"We could get a bunch of spray whipped cream and shoot it into our mouths," Jensen says, but he has to admit it doesn't exactly sound like a good time.

"I think dad's rubbing off on you," Nate says, with an expression of abject horror.

"Unfortunately," Jensen agrees. "Come on, let's go home."

He watches Nate out of the corner of his eye for the rest of the day, but the kid seems fine. He does his usual Nate things, which means reading, and then playing his Nintendo DS for hours on end--he's got this game about some guy in a top hat who solves puzzles with a robot dog or something, and Jensen only sees it when Nate needs help, which he's embarrassed to almost never be able to provide. They have dinner and Nate helps with the dishes, and everything is very normal, until after dinner, when Jensen's reading and Nate comes over, very earnestly, and says, "Can I sit in your lap?"

Jensen blinks. Nate never sits in his lap. Nate doesn't even sit in Jared's lap. Of course, that doesn't mean he's going to say no. It just means he's confused. "Yeah, of course," he says, making room, and Nate sits down with his video game and settles in against Jensen's chest. "Uh, you okay?" he asks, a little concerned.

"I don't like when dad leaves," says Nate, matter-of-fact and nonchalant. "But at least I get to stay with you now. Dad said I could go stay with grandma like I used to, but I like staying with you better."

Jensen feels his whole chest warm up. He wraps his arm around Nate loosely and looks over his shoulder. "So how's the doctor?"

Nate rolls his eyes. "He's a professor," he says, and starts explaining, and Jensen snuggles in closer to listen.
Dec. 2nd, 2010 06:31 am (UTC)
awww this is sooo cuuute!
Dec. 2nd, 2010 08:19 am (UTC)
"We could get a bunch of spray whipped cream and shoot it into our mouths," Is it wrong that I immediately saw this as an expression of Jensen's horror at the prospect of a weekend without sex? :|
Dec. 2nd, 2010 11:59 pm (UTC)
Bwhahahaahahaa That's excellent, not wrong at all.
Dec. 2nd, 2010 11:50 am (UTC)
I actually squee-ed. Out loud. In the school library. What are you doing to us, Chash?
Dec. 2nd, 2010 02:17 pm (UTC)
*clutches heart* Wonderful!
Dec. 2nd, 2010 02:44 pm (UTC)
That was all kinds of sweet and perfect!
Dec. 2nd, 2010 05:16 pm (UTC)

(I write interrigent comments)
Dec. 2nd, 2010 07:01 pm (UTC)
Oh I got a little tear in my eye at the end there
Dec. 2nd, 2010 11:50 pm (UTC)
Ohhh, that just warmed me up. m :)
Dec. 3rd, 2010 01:27 am (UTC)
aww loved this!
Dec. 8th, 2010 01:51 am (UTC)
this was so perfect!! Thank you !!