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Sep. 17th, 2011

Fics go here! List under the cut. Remember, this is for posting ficlets only; no new requests.

-The story behind Jensen and Danneel's skydiving adventures for theditor
-Adrianne/Danneel bodyswap for scintilla10
-J2 Criminal Minds AU with Reid!Jared for tsu_chan55
-Jensen loves his window, and the view of the hot jogger that comes with it for vorpalblades
-Jensen always gives Jared practical gifts for amindaya
-Jared and Jensen meet at a Scratch Messiah for strangeoldface
-Jensen is Gen's pining BFF, Jared is the new kid with a crush on her, threesomes are always the answer for earthquakedream
-Arcadia, Thomasina/Septimus, watching the years go by for sequinedfairy
-Leverage, Eliot/Hardison/Parker, Christmas traditions for denitta
-Anne of Green Gables, Anne/Gilbert, running off to join the circus (or imagining it, anyway) for cellophane_ria
-Leverage/Supernatural, the Leverage crew stumbles upon a supernatural mark for leodragon1
-Jensen is excited for a tour of historic Boston; Jared wants something to blow up for ebcdic
-Jared and Jensen are assassins hired to kill each other, but start liking each other instead for brate7
-Jared has badly behaved dogs, Jensen is a dog trainer for quantrail
-Jared finds Jensen's phone in the library and must track him down for penfold_x
-Jared and Jensen accidentally sleep cuddle and find they like it for cloex_brosluvr
-J2 Suits AU for iwillshutup
-Jensen is a grumpy dragon hunter, Jared is a discontent unicorn for aluminion
-Jared and Jensen meet on the Trans-Siberian Railway for franztastisch
-Sam wants to be out about their relationship when John isn't around for skipper_713 (references to underage incest)
-Jared and Jensen are literature profs for violateraindrop
-Danneel and Jensen are awesome badass adventurers for alocine_89
-Jared/Jensen/Danneel/Genevieve, awkward morning after with breakfast burritos for obstinatrix
-J2, quiet Christmas with a fireplace and hot chocolate for ames1010
-The Leverage crew watching a game show for con_maynard
-Jared and Jensen meet at a wedding for charis_kalos
-iCarly, Sam and Carly are still awesome and in love at thirty for beckaandzac
-Danneel/Gen not!knotting fic for snickfic
-Sam and Dean having sex for the first time since Dean went to hell (accidentally without any sex) for klutzy_girl
-J2 101 Dalmatians for dulcetine
-Sam and Dean, voodoo dolls for clex_monkie89
-SPN/Leverage crossover with Crowley for cherrymmm
-Sam/Dean, truth or dare for stormcloude
-Danneel/Sophia, 60s stewardesses for lavendergaia
-Matt and Julie (and Coach and Mrs. Coach, but mostly Matt and Julie) coming back to Dillon for worfangel
-Leverage, Parker wants to start a bookclub for mizface
-J2, snow and hot chocolate for peppervl
- J2/iCarly crossover, Jared does not like Sam for ashley
-Jensen meeting Jared's daughter for the first time for readerj
-Aldis and Danneel's first date at a Ren Faire for phrenk
-SPN/Leverage crossover for jillsjourney
-Jensen finds Jared's diary for elless18
-Jared's first Christmas at his first condo for myfieldnotes
-Jared and Jensen make a deal with a fairy, Jensen gets pregnant for equally_dour
-Jensen is a writer who never gets any work done at his favorite coffee shop for felisblanco
-The Invention of Love: Coming this fall to the CW for nightangelca
-Gus's birthday party gets crashed for moralimperative
-Jared doesn't get out much for __tiana__
-Jensen/Jared/Danneel, bakery owners for kultiras
-Jared is accident prone, Jensen works at the campus health center for be_the_change09
-Morgan/Garcia, waking up together the morning after the Christmas party for violetknights
-Danneel/Adrianne/Aldis, starting a restaurant for summerstorm
-Jensen/Danneel, thinking about having a baby for fryttu
-Sam and Dean bicker in the car for mistyzeo
-Jared and Jensen are strangers who keep running into each other for quietdiscerning
-Jared and Jensen meet at a bank. That gets robbed for radiophile
-Arcadia, Thomasina/Septimus for sadcypress
-Sam/Dean, Sam learns something surprising about Dean for essene
-Nick/Joe (pre-slash and/or gen), boarding school AU for strippedhalo
-J2, Who's the Batman for bonniebb
-FNL, Coach/Mrs. Coach for rivers_bend
-J2 college AU, insecure freshman Jared and confident senior Jensen for dazzlingplace
-J2 and Gen/Danneel Sims 2 AU for waterofthemoon
-Mob boss Jensen is inept at flirting for cherry916
-J2/Danneel, Jared is reluctant to help his married BFFs get pregnant for gemini8
-Criminal Minds/Wizards of Waverly Place, Alex Russo joins the BAU for ultiville
-J2, Danneel/Gen, Jared gives Gen a ride to band camp for koneko_kitsune
-Jared and Jensen cosplay as Spike and Angel at a con for winchestergirl
-Parker/Hardison/Eliot, stuck in an elevator for biancathecookie
-Jared and Jensen's first night in their new apartment for itsthedetails
-J2 AU, Adam Lambert just gets Jared for jodean80
-Shy Jared and shy Jensen on a blind date for bluebrocade
-Aragorn!Jensen and Legolas!Jared for laranlas_keryn
-Jared/Jensen/Danneel/Gen, Oregon Trail AU for clwright2
-J2 on a roadtrip for sagetan
-J2 AU, Chad matchmaking for gypsy_atavari
-J2 and iCarly are rival Pokemon trainers whose Pokemon are the Jonas Brothers for elizardbits
-Arcadia, Thomasina gives up poetry for askmehow
-J2, music lessons for juice817
-Jared and Jensen are writers on Supernatural for deirdre_c
-Jensen goes to sperm donor Jared with his BFF Danneel for dev_earl
-Jared and Jensen hate each other, until Jensen gets beat up for tanpopo03
-Gen/Danneel with daemons for setissma
-Prince Jensen is marrying Princess Jay, who is really Prince Jared for sailorstarshine
-Jensen thought Jared was a beta, Jared thought Jensen was an alpha for b0nnie_bee
-iCarly, Carly and Gibby hang out for lady_ganesh
-J2 AU, Twelve Kingdoms for cleflink
-A morning in the life of Gollum!Jensen and non-AU!Jared for wanttobeatree
-J2, morning after a bad first time for paula_lirio
-Psych, Rosen-Shawn and Gus-enstern are dead for celtic_forest
-J2 Nu!Trek with Kirk!Jared and Spock!Jensen for athynto
-Criminal Minds, Morgan and Garcia's unusual first date forshortsweetsoul
-J2 AU, dogs and snow for quiet000001
-Daria J2 AU for keyweegirlie
-SPN Gen: Sam and Dean compare their balls for bertee
-J2, power outage during a thunderstorm for engel82
-Jared makes Jensen coffee every morning for wendy
-Sam/Dean, Future Dean visits s1 Sam for slothy_girl
-J2 non-AU, matchmaking Aldis for locknkey
-More LoTR J2 for kubis
-Jensen/Danneel, first anniversary for izzychase
-J2 are reporters from rival news stations for ladyelektra
-Anne/Gilbert, snowy winter morning for burnishdvictory
-Jensen/Danneel, Danneel's just been discharged from the Navy for antismiles
-Adrianne, Danneel, and Gen are Supernatural hunters for elliemurasaki
-Morning in the Ackles-Padalecki-Harris-Cortese household for wutendeskind
-J2 fencing AU for without_me
-Kevin Jonas/Mike Carden, coming out for sophie448
-Psych/Supernatural, demon squirrels for matalinolukaret
-J2 college AU with hate-to-love for kimmay7
-J2 AU, biker boys meet under a bridge for spiceblueeyes
-Sam and Dean end up on the set of Psych during The French Mistake for ohmiya_sg
-J2 non-AU, Jared is Sailor Moon for neko_9786
-Jonas Brothers/SPN, Nick and Joe are hunters ala the Winchesters for polyesterrage
-Sam and Dean, Led Zeppelin for jana_nox
-Eliot gets stuck in a hole, Parker and Hardison fail to help for jesseofthenorth
-Jared gets Jensen a weird gift for hils
-Garcia is upset; Morgan doesn't know why, but he's going to help for glorious_spoon
-Jared and Jensen are awesome sidekicks to bad superheroes for laulan
-Jensen finds out Jared is gay when he starts dating another guy; freakouts ensue for kellifer_fic
-Nick/Joe, sleepy making out for mediaville
-J2 AU of Taiwanese drama Down With Love for wizened_cynic
-Sam and Dean sing the blues for oddishly
-Dean's ghost visits Sam in a dream at Stanford for sasukichan101
-J2 Criminal Minds AU, Morgan!Jared/Garcia!Jensen (spoilers for CM season three) for enablelove
-J2 non-AU, Jensen's fiftieth birthday for garaak
-Jared's first Christmas with Jensen's family for violetrose1922
-Danneel/Adrianne, penpals who finally meet after years of corresponding for kendas
-J2, Christmas morning sex for shinywhimsy
-Leverage, Eliot makes gourmet Goldfish crackers for Parker, Hardison does not approve for heidi8
-J2, shy!Jared keeps taking books out from geeky librarian Jensen and not reading them for one_2_3_4
-J2, online stalking for denig37
-Leverage/Criminal Minds, Hardison/Eliot/Parker and Morgan/Garcia, working a case together for flamingquill
-Jared and Jensen hang out with Chad at a network event now that he's back on OTH for discolucy
-J2 AU, trick or treat for swing_set13


Sep. 29th, 2011 11:12 am (UTC)
Sam/Dean, the boys having sex for the first time in years after Sam gets his soul back. (They haven't since Dean went to Hell in season three.) There's nerves and awkwardness all around on both sides at first, but sweetness abounds.
Dec. 6th, 2011 05:18 am (UTC)
Dean's never really been the kind of guy who plans sex. It's usually kind of just something that happens--he meets a likely looking girl, or sometimes a guy, and if everyone seems amenable, there's sex.

Of course, everything is different when it's Sam. It kind of was with Lisa too, but it's impossible for anything else to really get close to how complicated Sam is.

They used to do it a lot, at first like it was an accident, but Sam's never been good at denial like Dean. He always has to find answers, figure out what's happening, dissect things. He doesn't like just going with it.

And after Hell, and the angels, and everything else, it's not like they had much time to talk about their sexy feelings.

Dean's missed it, a lot more than he wants to admit, really. No one in the world gets him like Sam, and no one else matters to him like his brother does.

So when Sam starts kissing him again, he's willing to have a conversation about it. Even if he hates it.

It doesn't start out as much of a talk.

"We really doing this?" he asks.

"I miss you," says Sam, and it should be weird, because they're still almost always together. But Dean gets what he means.

"Don't be a girl," is what he says, but it's not what he means.

"Dean," says Sam, exasperated and fond, and times like this it feels like no time has passed, like they're just the two of them, easy and uncomplicated.

As easy and uncomplicated as incest ever gets.

But the phone rings, and there's a case, and Sam says, "Raincheck?"

And then they have to keep talking about it. Negotiating when they can do it, Sam not feeling sane enough one day, Dean not feeling sober enough the next. Part of him is probably avoiding it.

Finally, Sam loses his patience, tugs Dean down and kisses him long and hot, kissing him until the years fall away and they're just Dean and Sam and everything is suddenly easy.
Dec. 6th, 2011 10:59 am (UTC)
Dec. 6th, 2011 11:41 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! I loved this.