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I kind of dig that name, it makes it sound like I have the tastiest masterpost ever. Anyway! I do not foresee there ever being a time when I make a new LJ masterpost. It is just not something I have any desire to do, because Delicious is working really well for me. If it does not work for you, I really am sorry :( I decided a masterpost not everyone used was better than a masterpost that was never ever updated.

AS OF 3/18/2012, I am retired from SPN/J2 fandom. Fics will remain up, and new fic will be posted here, but I am done with those fandoms.

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Hey guys, this is just a post that lists verses I am not willing to accept timestamp requests for anymore. Right now I do not have one-shots on there--maybe some day I will work that out, but for now it was a lot easier to just work with verses.

This doesn't mean I am 100% ruling out the possibility of ever writing them again, but I consider myself to be done with them, and I don't want to have to specifically list them in future prompt memes, etc. So this is a handy list for me to link for future prompts! Yay efficiency.

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I'm the worst.

oh jesus it's been a while hasn't it

I got into a new fandom this last week, which is why I was thinking about updating! In the months and months since we last talked (did you do something new with your hair?), here are things I've been writing:

-Miss Atomic Bomb (My big Tortall modern AU. I just keep updating it.)
-Canon Bending (George/Alanna canon-divergent AU)
-Gold in the Air of Summer (George/Alanna modern AU)
-First Sign of Failsafe (George/Alanna modern AU)
-Coming Back Around (George/Alanna Harry Potter AU)
-Lovely, Dark and Deep (Daine/Numair semi-regency AU)
-Without Ever Going to China (George/Alanna HDM AU)
-I Had a Dream and You Were In It (George/Alanna modern AU I WRITE A LOT OF THOSE OKAY)

Game of Thrones:
-The Echoes of Stories Never Told (Arya/Gendry modern AU)
-I Get A Little Warm in My Heart When I Think of Winter (Arya/Gendry kid!fic)
-All Summer We Just Hurried (Arya/Gendry renfaire AU)

Attack the Block:
-A Flag that Bears the Name (gen, for Yuletide)

The 100 aka my new fandom that I've been writing a lot of this week okay:
-Rely a Bit Too Heavily on Alcohol and Irony (Bellamy/Clarke modern AU)
-And That's Terrible (Bellamy/Clarke superhero AU)
-we thought we lost you (welcome back) (Bellamy/Clarke post season two)

ANYWAY yes if you like any of that truly random selection of fandoms, I post on AO3 now! It's probably just going to be The 100 for a while. Sorry not sorry. See you in several months.
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Every six months is a good rate to post updates, right? If you want to see my fic in a timely fashion you should just follow me on AO3 or Tumblr, but I still feel like I should periodically update my poor, neglected LJ. So!

I still have one more J2 fic for charity to write (I have started it! I will finish it!) but in the meantime, I wrote two J2 charity fics: Windward, which is about dragons, and IsItaPossum.com, which is a Community AU.

We also have:

-Tsundere, which is the only Sterek fic I will ever write, and is about Derek being a catboy who actually acts like a cat.

-Hey There, Little Red Riding Hood, which is a Game of Thrones Gendry/Arya AU.

-Winter Wrap-Up Is Coming, which is a periodically updated incomplete series of short My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic/Game of Thrones crossover vignettes in which ponies teach the characters of Game of Thrones about the magic of friendship.

-Her Heart Was Warm and Gay, which is a series of crossovers between I Capture the Castle and Code Name: Verity, which appeals to a very small subset of people. But Code Name: Verity is a fantastic book everyone should read and/or check out the audiobook of.

-Miss Atomic Bomb, which has been dominating my life for the past few days, is a modern Tortall AU focused on Alanna and George Cooper, with some guest appearances from other people, and a Numair/Daine part coming up probably tomorrow.

So that's what I've been doing with my life! See you in six months and/or the next time I feel like it.
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Hey friends, I've written some fic recently! I was meaning to post it but then I was waiting for Yuletide reveals to happen so the time has come.

For Yuletide I wrote Tip and J.Lo: The College Years (The True Meaning of Smekday Part Four). Fandom is The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex, which is a great book if you haven't read it.

For Fandomaid I wrote A Castle for Two, which is Jared/Gen fairytale AU and A Cup O' Kindness Yet, which is some Teen Wolf Lydia/Allison fic.

This is a really bad post, but I'm pretty tired. Happy New Year, everyone!
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I'm offering five fics in buy it now for fandomaid, you can find my thread here. And since it's for charity, I am offering CWRPF again (but not Supernatural). And Teen Wolf, and if there's something else you think I'm into, that's cool too! Just ask. I'm easy. And I make no guarantees about these coming at all quickly because I'm in Nano mode.

Also check out all the other offers! There's a bunch of cool stuff there even if you won't want me :D
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I was trying to figure out why this wasn't cross-posting, and then I realized it was so large. Anyway! I wanted to clear out my drafts folder, which was full of things I was never going to finish ever. So I threw up a post over on Dreamwidth so I don't have to feel guilty about deleting them forever. So, FYI, in case you wanted to read a bunch of unsatisfying unfinished stuff, look no further!
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Jesus, it's been so long I don't even have my login information on my non-new laptop.

ANYWAY this is just an FYI, I'm actually posting directly to AO3 these days, so if you want to keep up with me, here is the place to do it. I'd try to post both here and there but let's be real I am pretty bad at updating more than one place. Although I also usually post a notif on tumblr, but for those you have to wade through everything else on my tumblr. You're welcome to do that too, if you want! My tumblr is here. Things I am currently into include Teen Wolf, Welcome to Night Vale, Gravity Falls, Pacific Rim, and Tamora Pierce. Most of my fic output is Teen Wolf and Teen Wolf RPF, but not Sterek, so if that's what you're looking for, you have come to a place that could potentially serve your needs.

I also realize the hilarity of posting about this on LJ given how dead LJ is. This is why I never update you, LJ. Also my crippling laziness.
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Hey LJ, fyi I did some Danny/Stiles tumblr ficlets and just posted them to AO3, so if you want to read those, go here.

Also, I keep putting off apologizing for this, but I am sorry for dropping the ball on my December ficlets. I hope to go back to them someday! But in the meantime, I am very sorry to everyone whose ficlets I have not written.

Also, whatever, here's a meme from dugindeep in case anyone feels like it!

"Ask Me Questions About Stuff I've Written" meme

Questions can be along the lines of "What were you thinking when you wrote this?" or along the lines of "What happened to these characters five years later?" or if you don't want to ask a question you can just quote a few lines from something I've written and I'll comment on them.

But no Tractorbeam questions, I do not have Tractorbeam answers.