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Masterpost: Sam/Dean Epic Love 'verse [J2; Sam/Dean]

All right, this is an AU 'verse that includes both J2 and SPN fics! So, let's do this in order.

Never Was Quick on the Uptake
Starts in 2006--In which Jared (currently Gilmore Girls, season six) meets Jensen (currently on Dark Angel) and the two become friends.

Like Winning Every Lottery
Starts in 2007--In which Jared and Jensen date. And also end up getting on this new show, Supernatural, premiering in 2008. Interview with Jensen Ackles, after the Supernatural Pilot
2008--In which Jensen talks Supernatural.

Re: The Closet
2008--In which Jared and Jensen are on set.

Entertainment Weekly interview with Jared Padalecki, after the passing of California's Proposition 8
2008--In which Jared talks Prop 8.

This is, like I said, an AU Supernatural. In this 'verse, Sam and Dean are not related, but are estranged ex-boyfriends. It begins in 2008, when Dean is 28 and Sam is 24.

PILOT: Sam's dad is missing.
Reunion [Sam POV]
Reunion 2 [Dean POV]

JERSEY DEVIL: Sam and Dean head to New Jersey in search of clues.
Barrens [Sam POV]
Jersey Devil [Dean POV]
The Process of Mourning [Sam POV]

DEAD IN THE WATER: Is a series of drownings in a Wisconsin lake the work of a vengeful spirit?
Back In Black [Dean POV]

Baby's First Booze
May 2, 2001. Sam turns seventeen.
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