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Title: Future So Bright
Author: poor_choices
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Scott/Allison
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None I can think of. If I missed any, please let me know!
Word Count: 1000.
Summary: Scott's eyes get hurt and he can't remember to keep them shut. Allison helps. Also schmoop.
Spoilers: Through the end of season two!
Notes: Written for stop_drop_howl, for the prompt "blinding lights." I made up some shit about werewolves, but then again, so did Teen Wolf.
Disclaimer: Lies and untruths.

"That was really stupid."

Scott winces as Allison helps him down onto the bed, keeping his eyes closed with an effort. It hurts like hell to open them, but it's hard to remember that. Even with all the lights out, Allison's room is too bright.

At least the gunshot wound in his side is almost healed up.

"I was going for reckless," he says, with what he hopes is a winning smile.

"I don't think that's better," Allison says, but he can hear the smile in her voice. He opens his eyes, wanting to see it, but winces instantly, the world still too bright and painful. "Don't open your eyes, dumbass," she says, putting her hand over his eyes.

"I don't see why it hurts so much."

"Werewolves are nocturnal," says Allison. "Or they are naturally. Obviously, you can't be when you're in high school. The alpha pack was trying to blind you permanently."

Scott grins goofily. "But you saved me." He'd thought he was screwed, blinded by the spotlights, too disoriented to hear where the alphas were or tell where the bullets were coming from. He couldn't see Allison shoot out the spotlights, but it was enough that the two of them together could escape from the other wolves.

"I'm your knight in shining armor," she agrees. He feels the bed dip as she gets up, and he frowns, looking around uselessly. "Relax," she says. "I'm not leaving."

"Oh," says Scott, lying back. "Good."

The bed dips again, and he feels her hands lifting his head up, and something around his eyes.

"Are you blindfolding me?" he asks.

"You're gonna forget to keep your eyes closed," says Allison. "This will protect them." Her hand slides down his cheek, and he shivers a little.

"Are we back together yet?" he asks.

She laughs, and moves her hand down to his chest. "Why, are you getting turned on?"

"Kinda, yeah," says Scott. "But only if we're back together."

"Because that's definitely the most important thing."

"Yeah," he says, truthfully. "It is."

She laughs softly, and then he hears her moving in just before she kisses him, slow and deep and everything he's been wanting since they broke up. He reaches up to put his hand in her hair, but she pushes him down, catching his wrists and holding him down. He could break free if he wanted, but he doesn't really want to.

"You are so into this," says Allison, sliding off him. "We're back together. Get naked."

Scott unbuttons his shirt and slides it off his shoulders, kicks off his jeans and boxers. He doesn't hear any rustling from anywhere else in the room, so either Allison's already naked or she's not getting undressed. He's not sure which would be hotter.

"Stay still," says Allison, and then he feels her mouth on his dick, sliding down just past the head, tongue swirling around him, just like he likes.

"Jesus," he breathes, not moving with effort. "I missed you."

"I'm trying to have hot kinky sex and you're being all--sweet," Allison says, pulling off with a soft pop. She moves back in, sucking harder, and Scott bites his lip.

"I like kinky sex," he says. "But I love you."

She doesn't respond this time, but her hand comes up to wrap around him, working him fast and dirty. He always comes pretty quickly the first time, and then he has more stamina for the actual sex part. Maybe she'll ride him. He pushes up into her mouth at the thought, and she makes a soft, pleased noise, like she loves having his dick in her mouth. Which she always has.

He almost wishes he could see her, but then he feels her fingers sliding against his ass, one fingertip pushing in gently. They'd only gotten to do this a couple times, but he was definitely into it, and with her mouth on his dick? It's beyond amazing. By the time she's pushing a second finger in him and starting to stroke them, he's so close he's losing his mind.

"Allison, I'm gonna--" he starts, but he can't even finish before he comes, hard and hot into her mouth.

She swallows and pulls off, sliding her fingers out of him and pulling back to let him catch his breath.

"I missed you so much," he says, laughing a little. He's expecting a response, but instead, the bed dips next to his head and suddenly he can smell her, close and overpowering, and she's pushing into his mouth, making him return the favor.

This he definitely remembers, the way she likes to be eaten out, sucking her clit first, making her squirm.

"You can use your hands too," Allison says, already breathing heavily. She's wet and getting his face messy--he can't help feeling a little smug that she's so into this. She tangles her hand in his hair, half-petting, half-guiding. "I missed you too," she adds, softly.

Scott can't really respond--his mouth is full--but he brings his fingers up to slide inside her, like she did for him. She pushes back against him, eager and desperate, her breath ragged.

"I missed you too," she says again, like she thinks he doesn't believe her or something. He swirls his tongue around her clit, not sure what to do beside get her off as soon as possible so they can make out and cuddle.

And then have sex again, obviously.

It only takes a few minutes before she's starting to make the soft, desperate noises that mean she's about to come, and Scott uses his free hand to grope her ass, pulling her closer, and she comes apart with a choked noise that has his dick perking up again.

She stays on him long enough to come twice and then rolls off with a happy sigh.

"So, you missed me," he says, grinning like an idiot.

Allison laughs. "I missed you," she agrees, curling against his side. He hears her yawn. "I'm gonna ride you in a minute," she murmurs, sleepily.

"Sure you are," he says, and grins until he falls asleep.


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Jan. 15th, 2013 02:35 am (UTC)
THIS WAS SO CUTE. And hot, obviously. But also cute! I loved Allison taking care of Scott at the beginning and that she was the one who cam to his rescue.

"I'm trying to have hot kinky sex and you're being all--sweet," Allison says, pulling off with a soft pop. She moves back in, sucking harder, and Scott bites his lip.

"I like kinky sex," he says. "But I love you."

Asdkjewlkdjasd omg Scott you precious goober.

Wonderful take on the original prompt!
Jan. 15th, 2013 02:44 am (UTC)
yay soft pop
Sweet! If I'm coming down with something, I'll watch Teen Wolf episodes until I actually know something.

pulling off with a soft pop

Oh frabjous day! You know that not every pop sounds obscene!
Jan. 15th, 2013 08:57 am (UTC)
Heh, great stuff. "We're back together. Get naked." made me laugh on a cold and dark morning!
Jan. 16th, 2013 03:04 pm (UTC)
"Are we back together yet?" he asks.

She laughs, and moves her hand down to his chest. "Why, are you getting turned on?"

"Kinda, yeah," says Scott. "But only if we're back together."

Awwwww..... Adorable. These two are so cute together. Oh, and I enjoyed the hot sex, too. :)
Jan. 19th, 2013 04:29 am (UTC)
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