December 28th, 2008

just one pair of clean socks

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Also, here is a tiny retarded J2 ficlet. It's gen. I wrote it for inarticulate because I heart her, and she told me to post it. So, you know. Tiny retarded ficlet! There is not a lot more to say about this.

AS A SIDE NOTE: I was discussing this with my brother today and, uh. I am officially giving up on replying to comments for fics from before today. Because I keep going WELL I CANNOT REPLY TO COMMENTS ON Y BEFORE I REPLY TO THE ONES ON X and that list now goes so far back it is ridiculous. So I am giving myself a clean slate. BASICALLY if you ever leave a comment here, I appreciate it so very much and love getting them, even if I fail to respond. The only thing that makes me feel worse than not replying to comments is only replying to some comments, so I end up replying to none and feeling crippling guilt. SO. Clean slate and I will do my best to be better in future.

Have a ficlet.

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