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Title: Heaven Is For Easy Girls
Author: poor_choices
Fandom: Supernatural RPS
Pairing: Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles, various OCs!
Rating: PG.
Warnings: Kidfic, and definitely more about the kid than the J2 this time around..
Word Count: 2800.
Summary: Things Change 'verse; how Alex spent (parts of) her summer vacation at age sixteen.
Notes: Title from The Awkward Stage; I wasn't going to write more of this but then there was a girl at work who was calling her parents daddy and papa and I figured it was a sign.
Disclaimer: Lies and untruths.

"Okay," says Sylvia, "that's Angus."

Sylvia convinced Alex that, since it was summer and they had a lot of time, Alex and Natalie needed to start watching Endless Days. Alex isn't totally sold on the idea; she's pretty sure Sylvia's goal is to get them to start reading fanfic, and Alex doesn't really quite get the appeal. She's never been angry enough at a TV show to sit down and decide to do it better.

"He's cute," Natalie grants. "But I can see why you think he's gay."

"He is gay," says Sylvia smugly. "I mean, his actor is."

Alex cocks her head. "He looks really familiar."

Sylvia flushes. "Um. Did you ever see High School Musical?"

Alex stares. "Oh god."

"Yeaaaah," says Sylvia, drawing out the word. "He was Ryan."

"I can't believe you watch a show with a guy from High School Musical in it."

"Zac Efron was in High School Musical."

"Zac Efron got an Oscar. That cancels out High School Musical. Did--whoever he is get an Oscar?"

"Lucas Grabeel. No. But still. He's really good!"

"Who's the other guy you like?" asks Natalie.

"Oliver," says Sylvia. "He'll be on soon."

"And you like reading about them having sex?" asks Natalie, clearly dubious.

"There's a lot of tension," says Sylvia primly. "And I'm more into RPS now anyway."

Alex sighs. "Do I want to know?"

"Real person slash."

"If you're writing fanfic about my parents, I'm going to hurt you," says Alex.

"Actors!" says Sylvia. "God. Not--I don't write about your parents."

"So you write about Lucas Grabeel and his boyfriend?" asks Natalie, possibly realizing that talking about Alex's parents is a good way to possibly start a fist fight. This is why Natalie is her best friend.

"No," she says. "I write about Aldis Hodge. That's Oliver. See, he was on this show Leverage like ten years ago."

Alex has a bad feeling about this, suddenly.

"And he's still really good friends with this guy Christian Kane, who was, like, his character's BFF, and they hang out all the time, so--"

"Oh god," says Alex, dropping her head between her legs. "You write porn about Uncle Chris."


The first year they went to dad's house for part of Christmas, Alex was seven. It had been weird, because dad had only just become dad instead of Jensen, and Alex wasn't sure about his parents her grandparents or anything. Papa had immediately taken to them, calling them Mama and Papa Ackles, while Alex stiffly held out her hand and said, "It's nice to meet you."

They'd only been there for an hour when Chris Kane showed up.

She didn't know he was Chris at that point, just that guy from that show dad watched.

"Is this your kid?" was the first thing he said, grinning at Alex.

Alex shrunk behind papa's leg.

"Jesus, Chris, don't be scary," said dad. He was grinning a little, gave the guy a big hug.

Papa ruffled her hair. "Gonna introduce us, man?"

"Chris, be nice," said Jensen. "This is my, uh, fiance. Jared. And our daughter Alex."

"God, you're making me feel old," said Chris, shaking his head. "Getting married, shit." He knelt down so he was at eye-level with Alex. "Hey, kid, I'm Chris. Me and your dad go way back."

"You're on TV," she said, after a pause.

He grinned. "Yeah, I'm on TV."


Sylvia stares at her for a minute. "What?"

"Jesus Christ," says Alex, "he and my dad grew up together. We see him at Christmas. Dad used to sing with him in college."

"Oh my god," says Sylvia.

Natalie snorts. "Your family and Hollywood, Alex. It's ridiculous."

"What else is there?" asks Sylvia. She still looks dazed. Alex assumes she's calculating the degrees of separation between her and Chris Kane.

"Alex's papa," says Natalie in a sing-song, "was gonna be a TV star. He's got an IMDB page."

"Then he could already be in RPS."

"He was in one episode of Gilmore Girls," says Alex. "It doesn't count."

"Why'd he stop acting?" asks Sylvia.

Natalie starts to answer, but Alex cuts her off. "His girlfriend got pregnant."

Sylvia blushes dark. "Oh. God. Alex, I didn't mean--"

Alex's phone rings before she can say anything more, which is probably good. But it's ringtone #5, which means it's Matt.

"Who's that?" asks Natalie. Natalie knows all her ringtones, of course, but this one has never actually been used. She picked it because it was unique but innocuous; papa and dad would never figure out it was someone she--that it was Matt.

"Matt," she breathes, and Sylvia and Natalie sober instantly.

"Pick it up!" says Natalie after a second.

"Can I go to your room?" asks Alex.

"Go, go!" Natalie shoos her. "And then report!"

Alex closes Natalie's door behind her, takes a breath, and says, "Hello?"

"Hey, Alex?" says Matt.

"This is Alex, yeah."

"Hi, it's, uh, Matt. Hollbrook?"

She smiles, but carefully doesn't make a sound. "Hey, Matt. How's your summer?"

He laughs a little, and Alex is sure he didn't mean to do it. "Okay. I'm working at Trader Joe's, which is kind of cool, I guess."

"Oh, yeah?" she asks, knowing she should say something better.

"Yeah. Um. What about you?"

"I'm at the library," she says. "And just hanging out."

"Oh, that's cool."


There's a moment of silence.

"So, uh," says Matt. "I thought, uh. Maybe you'd want to hang out some time?"

Her breath catches. "Yeah," she manages. "Sure."

"Oh." He sounds surprised. "Cool. Uh--I wanted to see The Time Traveler's Wife, maybe? I heard it was. Good?"

"Yeah," she says. "I could see that."


"Hey, papa," says Alex. Jared glances over; she's doing her casual voice. He's fairly sure she hasn't realized he can read her this well, which he doesn't mind. He's supposed to have an edge on her.

"Hey, kid," he says. "I'm making eggs. You want?"

"Sure." She slips into a stool across the bar from him. "How did you and dad get together?"

Jared raises his eyebrows. "You were there."

She snorts. "I was four. I didn't care that much."

Jared grins. "I knocked him over trying to get to the bus, and I thought he was amazingly hot and maybe into guys, so I started talking to him."

"Was he really shy?"

"He was kind of getting over that, I guess. It's not like I was talking and he was just sitting there or something. And he was really unsubtle asking me if I had a girlfriend."

Alex smiles at that. "How did you tell him about me?"

"I just said it. It wasn't a big production or anything."

"Huh," says Alex, looking down.

"What's up?" asks Jared.


"So you're just asking me about me and dad for the hell of it?"

Alex shrugs. "All my friends know how their parents got together."

Jared sighs. "You ever wonder about your mom?"

Alex glares immediately. "No."

Alex has a mother who gets curious about her. Alex has a half-brother and a half-sister out there in the world. Jared's never told her about the kids; he and Jensen talk about if they should, sometimes. Jared regrets that Alex is an only child every now and then. He loves her and he doesn't feel empty with just one child, but he and Jensen both came from bigger families, and he wonders if she's missing out, if he's failing somehow.

"Why not?"

"Cuz I have a family already."

Jared sighs. "Your family can be more than just us."

"Aunt Meggie," says Alex instantly. "Grandma and Grandpa. Mama and Papa Ackles. Uncle Jeff and Uncle Josh and Aunt Mackenzie and even Uncle Isaac and Aunt Mary and--everyone, god."

Jared smiles. "Okay, fine. But--she's nice. And she's curious about you."

"She doesn't get to be my mom."

"No," Jared agrees. "But she could maybe be someone."

Alex looks down at the table. "I'll think about it."


"Alex Padalecki?" asks Ryan. "Fuck, dude, you're gonna get your ass kicked."

"I am not," says Matt. He's nervous as hell, but not because he thinks Alex is going to kill him. But he doesn't date a lot, and she's--she's hot and smart and doesn't put up with bullshit, and if he screws up, she's probably going to dump him. He doesn't really know why she hasn't dumped him already. Alex is tough.

"You know she broke Ellie Fisher's nose in sixth grade?"

Everyone knows that. Ellie still hides if she sees Alex in the halls. "So?"

"So, Ellie is, like, the nicest girl ever and Alex is kind of crazy."

"She's not. She's--shut up, man."

"She's hot as fuck, don't get me wrong, but something's wrong there. Plus? She's got two dads."

"Ryan, I like you," says Matt, "so please don't be a stupid homophobe, man."

"Not like that! Dude, I don't care they're gay. But, seriously, one scary protective father sucks. She's got two."

"Oh," says Matt. He groans. "I hate you. I didn't even think about that."

"Someone's gonna kick your ass here, is what I'm saying."

"Thanks, jerk."


Alex leaves with a, "I'm going to the movies, bye!" one Friday night.

"Huh," says Jensen. "Weird."

"I think she's got a date."

Jensen raises his eyebrows. "Really?"

"She was asking me about how we got together. And she's got a new ringtone. I think it's a boy."

Jensen snorts. "You're suck a snoop, Padalecki."

"I haven't picked the lock on her diary yet."

"The yet in there is pretty worrying."

"I'm her papa, it's my job."

"As her dad, is it my job to talk you out of being a dumbass?"

"Think that's your job as my husband."

"I have to do so much shit," says Jensen, shaking his head.

"Tons," agrees Jared, then shoves him up against the kitchen counter and kisses him.

It's not like every time Alex leaves, they start necking like teenagers, but Jared likes to make noise when he has sex, and they can't really do that when Alex is around. So they have quiet sex and it's good, but when they're alone Jared likes taking advantage of it.

Not that Jensen minds.

Of course, that's when the door slams open, when Jensen's shirt is gone, and Jared's tongue is about halfway down his throat.

"Forgot my--god!" Alex's eyes widen and she glares hard. "I eat in there!" She grabs her cellphone, storms back over to the door, and shouts, "Go to your room!"

Jared slumps over onto Jensen and laughs his ass off.

Jensen pets his shoulder. "You're paying for the therapy, honey."


She meets Matt outside the theater. He's in jeans and a t-shirt, thick glasses and messy hair. She wishes they'd clarified if "hanging out" meant a date. She's pretty sure, but it'd be nice to be totally sure.

He half-waves when he sees her, and then drops his hand, like he's realizing this is lame.

"Hey," she says, giving him her biggest smile.

"Hi," he says. "What's up?"

"My parents are gross," she says, smiling. "How's the store?"

"A kid broke three jars of jelly all over the floor."

She laughs, and she can see him relax a little. "That's a nice thing about libraries."

"I guess so." He smiles, a little shakily. "Want to get seats?"

"Yeah, let's."

On the way in, he buys her popcorn, even though she doesn't ask, and she leaves her hand on the armrest between them, just in case he wants to take it.


When they get out of the theater, he means to offer to walk her home. Instead, he says, "Why did you punch Ellie Fisher?"

She blinks at him slowly, like she doesn't know where this came from. He doesn't either, except that he's curious.

"Why do you want to know?"

"The only thing I've ever heard is that it's cuz you're crazy," he says. "And I know you're not crazy."

"Because she said my dad wasn't really my dad," she says finally.

It's not the answer he was expecting. "What?"

Alex shrugs, awkwardly.

"Why didn't you ever tell anyone?" he blurts out. He knows he shouldn't, but--it's not crazy to punch someone for being a jerk about your parents' sexuality. He gets that. He thinks everyone would.

Alex looks away. "I hate it," she says. "When people say shit like that. I don't wanna give anyone ideas."

"Oh," he says. He kind of wants to kiss her, but instead he says, "Can I walk you home?"

"You can walk me to the train," she says, grinning. "If you come to the house, papa's gonna grill you."

"Okay," he agrees.

She smiles, a little shyly. "Maybe next time?"

"Next time?"

"If you want to see another movie or--"

"Yeah," he says, probably too eagerly. "Great."

She grins so big he can see her dimples. "Want to grab a coffee?"



"You guys better not be naked in here!" Jared hears Alex call from the door.

"Yeah, we're watching Die Hard naked," Jensen calls back.

"I don't need to know about your kinks, dad!"

"How was the date?" Jared asks as she comes in.

Alex glares. "It wasn't a date."

"It wasn't?" asks Jared. "Then who'd you go with?"

"No one!" says Alex, and slams the door.

Jensen pokes him in the ribs. "Don't be a dumbass."

"She'll be back," Jared says loftily, settling against Jensen again.

Ten minutes later, Alex comes out of a room. "So it was a date. Big deal."

"Was it a good date?" asks Jared.

Alex looks resolutely at the TV. "Yes."

"Are you going out with him again?" Jared pauses. "Him? Her?"

"Him. Yes."

"You like him, huh?" says Jensen.

"Yes. Are we done?"

Jared laughs. "I want his social security number."

Alex rolls her eyes. "Don't be a freak, papa."


The next day, Natalie and Sylvia come over to watch more Endless Days.

Natalie arrives first and says, "Tell me everything."

"We watched the movie. He bought me popcorn. We got coffee. He walked me home." She pauses. "He asked me why I punched Ellie Fisher."

"What did you tell him?"

"The truth."

Natalie smiles. "Did he ask you out again?"

"I asked him."

Natalie grins. "Very progressive." She looks away then. "Actually, um. Speaking of that."

"Of what?"

"Being progressive, I guess."

"Okay . . ."

"If," she says carefully, "I wanted to go out with Sylvia, would that be weird?"

"Kind of," Alex admits. "But you should anyway."


"Yeah." She pauses. "You like her?"

Natalie rubs the back of her head. "I guess."

Alex manages a smile, even if she doesn't quite feel it. "Just please don't tell me if you guys cowrite porn about my Uncle Chris."

Natalie laughs. "I promise."


When Jared gets home, Alex is sitting on the couch, looking intently at nothing.

"Hey," he tries.

"Hi," she says. "Is dad with you?"

"No, he's with a patient. Why?"

"When does it get good?" she asks, ignoring his question.

"When does what get good?"


"When guys figure out how their dicks work."


"Sorry. Um. I dunno. When you really like them."

"I do really like him."

"What'd he do?"

"Nothing. I just--I don't even know if it was a date. And it seems so complicated and stupid and--everything."

"Okay," says Jared, sitting down next to her and putting his arm around her shoulders. "It gets good when you really like them and they really like you and you both know it."

"Was it like that with you and my mom?" she asks quietly.

Jared has to think about that one. "No," he says. "I mean, I liked her, she liked me, but it wasn't really--we were pretty casual."

"How did it happen?"

"We were in the same English class, ended up making out at a party," says Jared easily. "We figured we might as well go out."

"And what about me?"

Jared smiles. "I think you know where babies come from by now, kid."

"Yeah, but--did you forget a condom, or what?"

"No, we used protection. It just--I dunno," says Jared, shrugging. "It happened."

Alex leans her head on his shoulder. "Maybe you could give her my e-mail address."

"Your mom?" he asks.



"What's her name?"

"Kelly. She's married to a guy named Peter. They have two kids."


"A son named Luke and a daughter named Hope."

"I have--really?"


"Oh," she says, almost a breath. "How old?"

"Luke's five and Hope just turned two."


"We weren't sure if we should tell you," he admits.

"She should e-mail me," says Alex.

"I'll tell her," says Jared. Then, quietly, "What's his name?"

"Matt," she says.

"Tell me about him," he says, and she does.
Tags: au, j2, rps, things change

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  • I'm the worst.

    oh jesus it's been a while hasn't it I got into a new fandom this last week, which is why I was thinking about updating! In the months and months…

  • (no subject)

    I posted my last J2 fic to AO3 yesterday, I Kind of Liked It Your Way. Enjoy!

  • (no subject)

    Every six months is a good rate to post updates, right? If you want to see my fic in a timely fashion you should just follow me on AO3 or Tumblr,…