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Title: Good Will Towards Men
Author: poor_choices
Fandom: Supernatural RPS
Pairing: Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Douchey ex-boyfriends, lying about names, completely contrived and unrealistic situations.
Word Count: 8600.
Summary: Jensen is a bitter veterinarian, angry at hotshot lawyer Jared Padalecki for skipping out on an important meeting. When a hot guy shows up at his door, claiming to be a Christmas present, he's sure Chris decided to actually hire him an escort. Little does he know his boss likes to play Santa, and Jared just wants to get to know him a little better.
Notes: Based on the truly spectacular Hallmark Channel original movie A Boyfriend For Christmas. I am blaming them for all the plot...specialnesses.
Disclaimer: Lies and untruths.

Jensen has never been much of a Christmas guy.

He's not really a holiday guy, if he's honest; he thinks that everyone he loves should know that, and he believes in partying with his friends whenever they feel like it, which, with his friends, is pretty much every weekend. They don't really need an excuse.

The closest he came to any kind of Christmas spirit was, like, a billion years ago, taking Mac to the Santa in the mall. He'd been--god, fourteen? Just coming to terms with being gay, and Mac had been scared as hell.

"She okay?" one of the elves asked, and Jensen thought it didn't make any sense to have a six-foot-tall elf, but the guy was really cute and it was distracting.

"Santa really freaked her out last year," said Jensen. "We're working up our courage."

"Well," said the elf, "Sandy over there?" he pointed to another elf, a cute girl in a short skirt. "She's got candy canes. You should grab one, it'll help."

Mac bounded over immediately, and Jensen went to follow her, but the elf caught his arm.

"You're nervous too," he said, smiling at Jensen. He had dimples, Jensen remembers. They got to be kind of a kink for him after that.

"What?" he managed.

"Kids can tell if you're nervous, even if you don't tell them. You got a Santa phobia?"

"No," said Jensen. "I'm just--I want to tell my parents something, and I'm kind of stressing it."

That was the year he came out. They'd been great, of course--Jensen's parents are awesome, and he's always known that, but he'd been scared shitless of ruining Christmas.

The elf cocked his head. "Okay, that's pretty tough. But--knowing nothing about your life and situations? They're you're parents, and no matter what happens, at the end of the day, they'll love you. So just don't worry about it, and go take your sister to see Santa."

Jensen let out a long breath. "Yeah, okay."

"And, hey," said the elf, with an amazingly gorgeous half-smile, "maybe you can ask Santa for some guts."

Jensen smiled back. "Gee, thanks."

But he had asked--once Mac finished, Santa turned to him and asked if he wanted anything, and Jensen had said, "Yeah, for this to go well. And maybe," he muttered, cheeks blazing and not looking at the stupid elf with his stupid dimples, "someone to make it worth it."

Santa smiles. "I think you're a little young. But I can help with the first, and the second'll come, trust me."

Jensen had, back then.

But he's older and wiser now. Christmas is just another day, and Santa is just a smelly, drunk guy in a red suit.

"That's depressing as fuck," says Chris.

Jensen stares at his drink, which is red and green. He has no idea how this is achieved, and it terrifies him. Clearly, it is also the devil's drink, because he just told Chris that he didn't stop believing in Santa until he was fucking fourteen. And also that he tried to get Santa to get him laid.

"Shut up," Jensen mutters. "I was a kid."

"You were a teenager, and you were adorable."

"I hate you."

"Say bah humbug for me. Just once."

"Fuck you, Chris."

"So close."

Jensen glances at his watch. "Shit. I gotta get to bed. Jim's got some hotshot lawyer coming in to talk about that fucking buyout."

"Since when can you afford a hotshot lawyer?"

Jensen waves his hand. "It's some guy Jim knows. I dunno, man. Jim swears he's legit, but I don't trust those pro bono fuckers. We've gotten screwed over before, you know?"

"I know, I know. Same time tomorrow?"

"I wish. Dinner with my mom, kill me now."

"Still trying to get you married?"

"As soon as possible."

"Yeah, go sleep it off, man. You're gonna need your strength."

"Fuck you," says Jensen, leaving Chris with a one-fingered goodbye.


"Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit," Jared mutters. "Jim, I am so fucking sorry."

"What the hell happened, kid?"

Jared sighs, collapses into a chair in Jim's office. "Apparently? My firm's the ones who're trying to get you guys evicted."

"How'd you not know that?"

Jared groans. "I'm not that big in the firm, you know. It's not like they fill me in on every case I'm not working. But someone put together that this was my pro-bono case, and, yeah!" Jared laughs. "I got fired, just in time for the holidays. Jesus. But now I can help you out without any conflict of interest."

"Only you, Jared," says Jim.

"I know, I know. I'm at least in time to be your elf again, right?" he asks.

"You get fired and you're worried about being an elf? Get your priorities on straight."

"Yeah, because what I want out of life is to work for a firm that's trying to shut down an animal shelter. Among other things. This lawsuit sucks, man, and I'm gonna fight it tooth and nail."

"For no money. You make some crapass decisions, Jared," says Jim, shaking his head. He throws something Jared's way, and Jared catches on reflex.

"What's this?"

"I got an urgent call. Apparently I'm the only guy in town who knows how to treat horses. So you're gonna play Santa this year."

Jared's eyes widen. "What?"

"What's the problem? You love kids, you love animals, and you've got the Santa laugh down."

"That's my normal laugh!"

"Whatever, it works."

Jared groans. Ever since he was a kid, the Beaver Animal Rescue Clinic has done their Christmas Adoption drive, with Jim playing Santa. He actually does Santa all over town, but this is the one that means the most to Jared. It's probably their most successful event all year--kids who want pets come in, tell Santa what they want, and the volunteer elves help the kids and their parents find a shelter animal that's right for them.

"Why can't that new vet of yours do it? I thought you loved him," says Jared. He has yet to actually meet Jensen Ackles, but Jim says he's amazing, and Jared's honestly pretty curious about him.

"He's bringing his nephew in. And watch out, he wants to rip you a new one for missing the initial hearing this morning."

"Great," Jared starts pulling on the red suit. "Just the impression I wanted to make on your golden boy."

"He's passionate, don't get me wrong. But a little judgmental."

"You know, I was really figuring getting fired would be the worst part of my day. So glad that one isn't working out. When's Sandy getting here?"

Sandy's been Jared's best friend since he learned to walk, and she's Jim's head elf at all his events, organizing and dishing out orders with an efficiency that Jared finds frankly terrifying.

"About ten minutes. You're seriously late. Now give me your best ho ho ho before I get out of here."

"Ho ho ho," says Jared half-heartedly.

"That sucked. Get better. Good luck, kid."

"Yeah," says Jared glumly. "Thanks for this. Really."

Sandy shows up fifteen minutes later, tuts at him for losing his job, straightens his beard, and tells him he's an idiot.

Chad tells him they're gonna get so drunk they won't be able to tell their dicks from their elbows.

"That doesn't sound like a good thing," Sandy says.

"I don't even know what that means," Jared adds.

"Shut up," Chad grumbles. "It's a saying."

"No, it's not."

"Would I fuck a guy with my elbow by accident?" asks Jared.

"Dude, if you fucked a guy with anything, I'd be psyched," says Chad. "When was the last time you got laid?"

"Shut up," says Jared, flushing. He has a busy life. It's not his fault he doesn't have time for relationships right now.

"Kids are coming," says Sandy, putting on a bright smile. "Stop talking about your sex lives."

"His lack of sex life," Chad mutters, and Jared smacks him in the back of the head before any of the kids can see.


Logan has been talking about getting a puppy non-stop for months, and Jensen finally convinced his brother that a shelter dog would be an awesome Christmas present. His nephew is practically vibrating with excitement, and it goes a long way toward improving Jensen's anger at fucking Jared Padalecki.

Seriously, Jim talks like the guy shoots rainbows out of his ass or something, and then after all that, he doesn't even show up for the hearing. He's ranting to Steve about it on the phone, mostly trying to keep his anger in check, but he's pissed.

Jensen takes a breath and refocuses on Logan, trying not to just keep ranting at Steve in his phone. He loves his nephew to an extent that's pretty ridiculous, and no matter how much trouble he and his brother sometimes have, he's glad beyond words that he's being allowed to take the kid to get his first puppy.

He's shocked when Jim isn't the one dressed as Santa when they arrive, but he can't exactly ask when he's trying to pretend whoever's in there is the real, actual Santa Claus. The guy gives him a weird look, and Jensen realizes he's just said, "Yeah, fudge Jared Padalecki in his donkey," and he says, "Gotta go, Steve," before he hangs up. "Sorry," he says to Santa. "Business call."

"No problem," says the guy under the beard, with a blinding grin. Jensen feels a lurch that feels like recognition, even though he doesn't know the voice. Santa looks down at Logan, and his smile softens. Jensen swallows. "So, what's your name?"

"Logan Ackles," says Logan proudly. "I'm six years old. I just lost a tooth, wanna see?"

Santa's eyes flick up to Jensen for just a second, and then his focus is all back on Logan. "Yeah, definitely."

Logan pulls his lip down and grins.

"Wow, awesome," says Santa. "Okay, so, what do you want for Christmas?"

"A puppy!" says Logan. "Mom wants him to be real little, and I want him to be really friendly. Uncle Jensen said he had his eye on one!"

"Oh, did he," says Santa, and he's looking at Jensen again. "How did your Uncle Jensen find a puppy for you already?"

"I actually work here," he says. "I'm a vet." He clamps down on the desire to say and who the hell are you?

"Well, why don't you go over to my friend Sandy and she'll help you out."

The words are familiar, but Jensen somehow can't put his finger on it. He's having a little trouble thinking.

"Okay!" says Logan, and takes off, and Jensen smiles at Santa, as steadily as he can.

"Thanks," he says. "Where's Jim?"

"Horse emergency," he says. "I'm filling in."

"Oh. I don't think--"

"Uncle Jensen!" calls Logan.

Jensen smiles apologetically. "Duty calls. Nice to meet you."

"Yeah, you too," says Santa, with an odd look.

"Hi," he says, crossing over to meet Sandy the elf. "I'm Jensen Ackles, I'm a vet here."

"Nice to meet you," she says. "Logan said you had an idea about a dog for him?"

"Yeah," says Jensen. "One of my favorites. Icarus still here?"

"Oh, yes!" Sandy gushes. "He's a sweetie, isn't he? You're looking for a smaller dog?"

"Yeah, mom doesn't want a big one," says Logan. "She says we don't have the room."

"Well, I'll go back and get him for you," she says. "Chad's going to walk you through the paperwork, but I assume you already know most of it."

"Yeah. I figure Logan should meet him before we finalize anything."

Sandy grins and nods, and in a few minutes, it's clear that Logan is beyond attached to the bouncy little puppy, which Jensen saw coming. He fills out all the necessary papers, grins as Logan rolls around on the ground with his new pet.

Sandy smiles. "I'm glad to see that puppy going to a good home. I just met him today, but he's a real sweetheart."

"Yeah, he's the best."

"Can we take him home, Uncle Jensen?"

"Yeah, absolutely." He waves to Sandy. "Thanks for all your help."

He tries to catch Santa's eye as they leave, but he's busy with another kid.

He'll just ask Jim later. Not that it matters, he's just--curious.



"Jesus Christ," says Jared.

"What?" asks Chad. "Some kid piss on your leg?"

"No. God. That was Jensen Ackles."

"The hot guy with the cute nephew?" asks Sandy.

"Yeah. Jesus. He hates me."

"He seemed fine."

"I mean, he didn't know it was me! He knows he hates Jared Padalecki, but. God. Did you see him?"

"What about him?" asks Chad.

"Jared wants to get his dick or elbow in him," says Sandy.

"It should be illegal to be that hot. And hate me for no good reason."

"So explain. And ask him out," says Sandy.

"He was ranting about how much he hates me when he came in. Jesus. Okay. Crisis over. I'm gonna clean up, get changed. I'll meet you guys at the bar tonight?"

"Sounds good," says Sandy, kissing him on the cheek. "Good job playing Santa, by the way. Not as good as Jim, of course."

"Ha ha," says Jared. "I was drafted against my will anyway."

"You stepped up. The kids had fun, and a lot of pets have happy homes now."

"Now all I need is a real job," he says, with a lopsided smile. "Okay, get going."

Jim arrives just as Jared's locking up.

"How'd it go?" he asks.

"Okay," he shrugs. "I think about thirty pets got adopted, all told? So that's pretty good." He tries to sound casual. "I met Jensen, kind of."

Jim gives him a look. "Kind of?"

"Well, I mean. I talked to him. But I didn't tell him who I was, or anything."

Jim's clearly not buying his nonchalance. "And?"

"And what?"

"Don't play innocent with me."

"He seemed--nice."

Jim just keeps looking at him. "You know," he says, "I made that kid a promise, a long time ago."

"You did?"

"I am Santa," he says. "Think you could help me out?"

"He hates my guts."

"Not if he gets to know you," says Jim.

Jared shrugs. It was--okay, it was a few minutes, but he really felt something for the guy, something more than just lust. Something like a connection. "Okay," he says. "What were you thinking?"


Jensen spends a long, painful dinner being told that he needs to find love already. His mother means well, he knows, but Jesus. He's happy. He doesn't need a boyfriend for validation.

Steve and Chris were at least there, which means he has backup, but the best he gets is Steve feeling sorry for him and Chris saying he's getting him a special present to make up for all the bullshit.

That doesn't mean Jensen is prepared when someone knocks on his door on Christmas morning, when he's about half a cup of coffee away from fully rational.

"Hi," says the stunningly hot guy standing on his doorstep. He's a couple inches taller than Jensen, gorgeous fucking smile, with dimples. "Jensen Ackles?"

"Uh," says Jensen, dazed. "Yes?"

"Hi. I've got a Christmas tree for you."


The guy pushes some hair behind his ears, looking down bashfully. "Well, actually. I'm here to be your boyfriend for the day. But I brought a tree with me. I heard you didn't have one."

Jensen stares. "What?"

"Merry Christmas?" he tries.

"Oh Jesus," says Jensen, wanting to break out laughing. "You're--oh my god. I can't believe Chris." No one else in the world would get him a fucking escort.

The guy cocks his head.

"Come on in, I guess. I'm Jensen."

"I'm--" the guy ducks his head. "San--Sam. Klein."

"Sam," Jensen repeats. "And you're my boyfriend for the day."

"Yep," says Sam. "So how about we set up this tree and then you can tell me what you want to do?"

Jensen licks his lips, because--holy crap, he can come up with a whole list of things he'd like to do to this guy.

But he follows Sam into the living room with the tree anyway.


Jensen, as it turns out, is awesome.

He's funny and kind of shy and quiet and, of course, hot beyond words, with freckles and wire-rim glasses and messy bed head. They chat easily, have fun with the tree, and Jensen keeps sending him these heated looks that are telling him the interest definitely isn't one-sided.

Jensen's passionate about working at the animal shelter, raves against people who abandon their pets, and Jared kind of wants to shove him against a wall and kiss him until he doesn't care that Jared lied about who he was.

"Man," says Jensen, looking down and grinning. "I haven't--this is pretty sad, but this is definitely the best Christmas I've had in years."

Jared smiles. "Not a holiday guy?"

"Definitely not. I dunno, I--" he laughs. "It's stupid, never mind."

"So," says Jared, feeling kind of slutty, but not caring, "now that the tree's set up, what were you--"

Jensen's phone rings, and he looks about as disappointed by it as Jared feels.

"Hey," he says. "Yeah, I'm--I got sidetracked. I'm just--he is, huh? Yeah, I'll. On my way." He gives Jared a flushed little smile as he glances up. "I gotta--I go to my parents' house every Christmas. My mom's gonna kill me if I skip. But, uh--you could come. She kind of reams me out every year for being single, so if you're willing, it'd really help me out."

Jared grins. The tips of Jensen's ears are red, and he's shocked by how much he wants to makes this guy's life better.

"Yeah," he says. "Sounds like fun."

Jensen snorts. "Trust me, man. This is gonna be the opposite of fun."

"Hey, I'm great with people. Just give me a rundown of names and I'll be all set to go."

Jensen smiles. "It's really nice of you to do this. I mean, I know it's your job or whatever, but--I guess you probably didn't think you were signing up for a family dinner, right?"

Jared wonders, not for the first time, what explanation for this entire situation Jensen has come up with. He doesn't really want to say Jim Beaver thinks he's Santa Claus, especially because then Jensen will want to know how Jared knows Jim, and Jared is still trying to figure out how to get Jensen from hating real him into wanting to date real him. Because he absolutely wants to date Jensen.

"Hey, I'm yours for Christmas," he says. "So, you know, I'm good with whatever."

"Jesus," Jensen mutters. "I have no idea how Chris afforded you."

Jared is a little concerned that Jensen actually has a friend who would plausibly buy him a hooker for Christmas, but then he remembers he hangs out with Chad, and decides he doesn't have a leg to stand on.

And that if he does actually somehow manage to date Jensen, he's not letting Chad within a mile of this Chris guy.


"Hey, so," says Sam in the car, sounding weirdly casual. Jensen wonders when he started making assumptions about his ability to correctly read the emotional state of escorts Chris hired to improve his Christmas. "No one's actually paying me to be here."

Jensen stares. "What?"

"I'm not here because your friend Chris paid me."

"You're just bored?"

"Hey," says Sam, grinning, "like it's so hard to spend the day with an incredibly hot guy. Who just happens to be single."

Jensen flushes. "God, please don't tell me Chris wandered around a gay bar with my picture or something."

Sam laughs. "Would he really do that?"

"He might," Jensen mutters.

"I've got a friend like that," says Sam. "Seriously, I'm surprised he hasn't actually pimped me out on the street yet."

Jensen laughs, spots the Parkers' mailbox. "Next house on the right," he says, and clears his throat. "So, if that wasn't it, then what--"

"Uncle Jensen!" calls Logan, rushing out as soon as Jared parks. "Come see Icarus! He's settling in really good and I made him a bed and some toys and--who are you?"

"I'm Sam," says Sam, smiling at Logan fondly. Jensen so ridiculously, stupidly gone for this guy. After, like, half a day.

"Hi Sam! Do you wanna meet my new puppy?"

"A puppy? Yeah, absolutely."

"He's really awesome! He's a cockapoo. You know what that means?"

"Why don't you tell us all about it," says Sam, taking Jensen's hand easily as they head inside. Jensen can feel his ears heating up.

"Uncle Jensen already knows all about dogs," says Logan. "He's a vet."

"I wanna hear anyway," says Jensen, ruffling Logan's hair.

"Okay, well, he's part cocker spaniel and part poodle. But prolly not just that, cuz he was in a shelter. And dogs in shelters usually aren't purebred. Uncle Jensen told me that."

"Jensen, there you are!" says his mother, wiping her hands on her apron and not looking up. "We were wondering when y--who is this?" she asks, as soon as she sees Sam.

"Sam Klein, ma'am," says Sam, giving her a charming smile. Jensen can see his mother actually melting. "Jensen's boyfriend."

"Boyfriend? Since when?" says his mother sharply, and Jensen has to admit it's a little suspect that he's never mentioned Sam before, given how much pressure he gets.

"It's pretty recent," says Sam earnestly. "And we weren't quite sure we were ready to spend the holidays together. We didn't want you to feel pressured to invite me over if he did tell you."

Jensen's impressed, and he shoots Sam a grateful look. Sam just squeezes his hand.

"Oh, well," says Jensen's mother. "It's very nice to have you, all the same."

"Sorry to spring this on you," says Jensen.

"Who's this?" asks Josh, tramping down the stairs with Kelly and Jensen's dad.

"Jensen's boyfriend, Sam."

Josh's eyes widen. "Dude! I didn't think you were gonna find someone this fast."

Jensen laughs. "I didn't find him since last night. I just wasn't sure I was ready to share."

Josh shakes his head. "Wish you'd told me, man."

Before Jensen can ask why, Logan rushes in with Icarus in his arms.

"This is my dog!" he says.

Sam grins. "He's a real cutie." He gives the dog a skillful pat with his free hand--seriously, after this long as a vet, Jensen can definitely recognize a guy who knows how to treat a dog, and Sam definitely does. "When'd you get him?"

"Yesterday! He already comes when I call him."

"Oh yeah?" asks Sam, with a wide grin. "You wanna show me?"

"Yeah!" chirps Logan, and he grabs Sam's arm and pulls him upstairs, leaving Jensen tragically and terrifyingly alone with his family.

"I can't believe you were hiding your boyfriend!" says his mother.

"How did you meet?" Kelly asks. "What does he do?"

"We met--at the shelter," Jensen lies quickly. "He brought his dog in for a checkup. He's a--" Jensen struggles. "Fireman."

"Looks like a linebacker," Josh mutters. "Is that why you broke up with Will? Too scrawny?"

Jensen doesn't want to say too douchey, because William Gregory Lee was Josh's best friend in college, and Josh still likes him despite all logic and reason fighting against it.

"Isn't Will coming down?" asks Kelly, and Jensen freezes.

"What?" he manages.

"Yeah, he'll be over here later."

"Jesus, and you didn't warn me?"

"You always liked Will so much," Kelly objects.

"Yeah, until we broke up. Because he--god, nevermind. I'm going to go find Sam."

He's upstairs in Logan's room, and Jensen just settles in next to him, leaning heavily against Sam's side. Sam puts his arm around Jensen, warm and solid, and even if it's not real, it's nice. "Hey," Sam says, low and concerned. "Everything okay?"

"I'll tell you later," he says. "Right now, I wanna hear about Logan's new puppy."

"I got him a ball," says Logan proudly. "Wanna watch him chase it?"

"Yeah," says Jensen, feeling better already.


Jensen's family is really nice, which makes Jared's life in all ways worse. He can imagine easy family gatherings--okay, his brother's a little distant, but whatever, it's the first time they've met--awesome holidays, all these things he's not going to have because he's not actually Jensen's boyfriend, and Jensen thinks the real him is a gigantic asshole.

Jensen's nephew carries his puppy around the entire time, showing him off to the various friends and relatives who show up. Jared gets recruited to help with the cooking, which is fun, and Jensen's mom is warm and funny and clearly approving of him.

"It's been a while since Jensen brought someone home," she explains. "We were getting a little worried that, you know."

"What?" asks Jared, smiling.

"It would never happen."

"I think Jensen is pretty far from over the hill," Jared points out. "But I'm glad he brought me. I really like him."

Donna smiles. "I can tell. And you shouldn't worry about--"

"Mrs. Ackles!" says a cheerful voice.

Some blond guy comes in and kisses Jensen's mom on the cheek.

"It's great to see you again," he smarms. "I swear, you are aging backward."

Jared feels his hackles rise. He doesn't know who this guy is, but he's getting douche vibes. After years of being friends with Chad, Jared has a very finely tuned douche-dar.

"And who are you?" asks the guy, turning disdainfully to Jared.

"Sam," he says, bright and friendly. "Jensen's boyfriend."

The guy snorts. "Yeah. Whatever."

"What's that supposed to mean?" asks Jared.

"I'm Jensen's boyfriend."

"Will," says Mrs. Ackles, sounding a little cross, but not as cross as Jared would like. "You know you and Jensen broke up."

"Just because I moved," says Will, and Jared's heart sinks. "But I'm back in town now, so I figure we can pick up where we left off."

Jared is pretty sure this guy is an asshole and a half, but if Jensen wants to pick up, it's probably bad for him to stand in the way, given he's not Jensen's real boyfriend.

"Jensen's with Sam now," Mrs. Ackles is saying, and that just makes Jared feel worse, because Will might be a douchebag, but Jensen doesn't even know Jared's real name.

"Yeah," says Jared, pasting on a smile. "I should go find him, actually."

"I'll come," says Will, trying to push Jared out of the room. Since he's like half Jared's size, it's kind of funny, except that Jared's stomach is knotting up.

Jensen's sitting on the floor with Logan, helping him put together some Legos he got for Christmas. Jared feels something clench in his chest.

"Hey," he says hesitantly. "Will's--"

"Sup, handsome," says Will, planting himself next to Jensen on the floor and giving him a smacking kiss. Jared tucks his hair behind his ear and looks down.

"Jesus, Will--" Jensen starts, looking up at Jared guiltily.

"I'm just gonna--" Jared pastes on a smile. "I better get going."

"Sam--" Jensen starts, but Jared waves his hand.

"My momma expects me to call, so, you know. I'll just--I'll talk to you later, Jensen."


"What the--fudge was that, Will?" asks Jensen. Sam's already gone, and Jensen has no way of getting in touch with him, and he kind of wants to strangle Will for fucking it up for him.

"I'm back in town, baby," says Will. "There's no reason for us to not be together."

"There are so many reasons for us to not be together. Like I've got a boyfriend," he points out, even though he doesn't. "I didn't dump you because you were moving, Will, I dumped you because--" he glances at Logan. "God, just. Nevermind." He runs his hand through his hair. "I'm--Jesus. I gotta go call him."

Of course, he doesn't actually have Sam's number, so he calls Chris.

"Dude," says Chris, as soon as he picks up, "your family driving you that nuts?"

"Please tell me you have Sam's number. And where did you find him? How did that happen?"

"What?" asks Chris.

"My Christmas present. Where'd you get him?"

"You think Jose Cuervo's a real person now? How much did you drink?"


"I got you a bottle of tequila, dude. What the hell are you talking about?"

"The hot guy."

There's a silence from the other end. "Dude, explain."

"Jesus," says Jensen. "God. Some--this guy showed up at my door, said he was a Christmas present, I figured you got me a hooker or something."

"So let me get this straight. Someone hired you a hooker, you don't know who, and now you want his number?"

"He's not really a hooker."

"He's not a hooker? Then who the hell is he?"

"I don't know," says Jensen, groaning. "Who the hell else would send a stranger to my door to be my boyfriend for Christmas?"

"Why didn't you just ask him?"

"He left when--fucking Will came in and said he was my real boyfriend."

"Will? Douchebag Will?"

"Douchebag Will. He thinks that I dumped him for--anything other than him being a horrible human being."

"Hey, little brother!" says Josh, really cheerful.

"Gotta go," he mutters to Chris.

"I hear you and Will are back together," says Josh.

"We're not," says Jensen.

"But Sam left."

"Sam--yeah. I gotta go after him," he says. He doesn't have any real place to go, but he needs to get out of here. "Look, Josh. I told him, but tell Will again: I'm not interested."


Jensen's already gone.


"Yeah, you're right," says Jim. "Dude's a douchebag."

Jared groans. "At least Jensen knows his real name."

"Look, Jared," says Jim. "I like this guy. And you know I like you. I think you two could be good together, and I know Jensen has zero interest in getting back together with his ex. So I can--"

"Jim!" someone calls, and Jared jumps, because, shit, that's Jensen. "I know you're in here, you workaholic weirdo, and I have--" Jensen opens the door with a bottle of booze, and then stops short as soon as he sees Jared. "Sam," he breathes.

"Hey," says Jared.

"What are you--Jim?"

"Sam," says Jim, giving Jared a look, even though Jared already admitted to being an idiot, "is an old friend of mine. Thought the two of you might get along."

"You sent me a--Jim!"

"A friend," says Jim. "I didn't pay him."

"Why does everyone keep assuming I'm a hooker?" asks Jared. "Is it the outfit?"

Jensen cracks a smile. "I wanted to call you," he admits, scuffing his foot against the floor. "I called Chris, and he had no idea what I was talking about."

"Oh," says Jared, feeling himself flush. "You--"

"I'm gonna go," says Jim. "I've got plans tonight. Jensen, lock up when you get out of here."

"So, uh," says Jensen, rubbing the back of his head as Jim leaves. "My ex-boyfriend is a toolbag."

"I noticed," says Jared.

"He's my brother's best friend," Jensen explains, sitting down. "So, you know, I can't just punch him the face and tell him I hate him. But--I didn't break up with him because he was moving."

"Hey," Jared says, "you don't have to explain."

"Well," says Jensen, giving Jared a patient look, "if you're Jim's friend who's just doing him a favor, I guess not. But I was kind of hoping--"

"Oh," says Jared. "Yeah, I--I'm not, you know. Not just doing Jim a favor."

Jensen grins unsteadily. "Anyway, huge douchebag, but, you know. Both my best friends had just started dating new people, and I was--lonely. It turned out he was cheating on me, lied to my face about it. Real bastard."

Jared swallows. "Jensen--"

"Anyway. I'm never getting back together with him. Guys who lie to me aren't worth it."

Jared has made a huge mistake.

"Jensen, listen, I--"

"You wanna get dinner?"

Jared swallows. He should say no. He should explain. "Yeah," he says instead. "I'd really, really like that."


Jensen is slightly tipsy, laughing and leaning against Sam. Sam wraps a strong arm around him, grinning into Jensen's hair.

"What're you doing tomorrow?" asks Jensen when they get to his door, feeling embarrassed, but drunk enough to not care much.

"I dunno," says Sam. "Why?"

"Cuz I wanna see you more."

"Oh," says Sam, a ridiculous smile spreading over his face. "Yeah. I'd really like to see you again too." His hand finds its way behind Jensen's neck. "I had a really good time tonight. Today. Like--the best Christmas I've had in a while."

"Me too," Jensen admits. "Even with--"

"Yeah," says Sam quickly, and then he leans down and kisses Jensen.

Jensen's been thinking about kissing Sam all day, and even through the haze of alcohol, it's awesome. It's slow, easy, not the start of anything, just a goodnight kiss, sweet and nice.

Sam pulls away after a minute and grins blindingly. "Okay," he says. "Okay, I'm going to--I'll call you tomorrow, okay?"

"Yeah," says Jensen. "Bye."

The next morning, Sam calls around eleven, asks if Jensen likes ice skating. It's a bizarrely normal date, given that less than 24 hours earlier, Jensen thought Sam was an escort of some kind, and he's thinking he owes Jim, like, a ham. Or something.

Sam is a terrible skater, falls over all the time, and Jensen eventually has to hold him up the whole time, which, once he sees Sam's smug face, he realizes was the point.

"You could've just asked," says Jensen.

"Less fun," says Sam, grinning.

"Speaking of just asking," says Jensen. "You got plans for New Year's?"

"Nothing I can't ditch if I get a better offer," he says. "Why?"

"My parents always have this giant New Year's party. I don't wanna make you ditch your plans, but everyone really liked you, so--"

Sam leans over and kisses him again. "Sounds awesome."

"It's not," says Jensen, wrinkling his nose, but unable to keep from looking happy. "But it'd be a lot better if I had a hot date."

"I'll see if I can find one for you. Maybe Jim's free."

Jensen laughs. "You're a jerk, Klein."

Something flashes through Sam's face. "Listen, Jensen, I--"

Jensen's phone rings. He glances at the display; Chris, who really deserves an update. "I'd better talk to him," says Jensen apologetically.

Sam blows out a long breath, smiles. "Yeah, okay. I want hot chocolate. Want any?"

"Yeah, please," says Jensen. "Hey, Chris."

"Any news on Jensen Ackles' mystery date?"

"He's an old friend of Jim's. Jim--well, you know Jim's into playing Santa."

"Shit," says Chris, "that sounds like some kinky stuff, and now I'm picturing Jim doing it. Thanks for that, asshole."

"Not my fault your mind lives in the gutter."

"So you got his number?"

Jensen grins. "Out with him now, actually."


"I like him."

"Wow," says Chris. "How long's it been since that happened?"

"Too long," says Jensen. "But he's not being paid and he likes me. So--yeah."

"You sound happy, man. It's sweet."

"Shut up," says Jensen.

"Get laid," says Chris. "Seriously. If you don't use it soon, it might fall off."

"I hate you," says Jensen.

Jared comes back over with hot chocolate, hands one to Jensen.

"Bye, Chris."

"If you don't get to second base, we're not friends anymore."


Sam looks amused. "Chris?"

"Yeah. My best friend."

"The one you thought hired me."


"I'm still kind of offended by that, by the way."

"Says more about him than you," Jensen points out. "And you weren't exactly rushing to correct me."

Sam flushes. "I didn't--God, I didn't know how to explain what actually happened. What kind of guy comes out just because--" Sam laughs. "I, um. I haven't been totally honest with you."

"Oh?" says Jensen.

"Yeah, um. I--I was the Santa. At the adoption drive. And I--might have told Jim I thought you were hot. So he told me he made you a promise and I could help and--he sent me to be your Christmas boyfriend."

"Was he drunk?" asks Jensen, after a stunned pause.

Sam laughs. "If he was, I couldn't tell. But, yeah. I really--I wanted a chance to get to know you, without--"

"Uncle Jensen!"

Sam laughs a little, and Jensen really wishes he'd gotten to finish that sentence.

"Hey, kid! What're you guys doing here?" says Jensen, wrapping Logan up in a hug.

"Will's gonna teach me how to skate," says Logan. "Wanna help?"

"I don't think I'd be very helpful," says Sam. "I kind of suck."

"Yeah, you do," says Will. "What are you doing back here?"

"Hanging out with my boyfriend," says Sam.

"My boyfriend."

"No, his boyfriend," says Jensen, leaning in to Sam. "You're kind of delusional."

"You could teach Logan and me to skate," Sam says. "Might be fun."

Jensen grins. "Awesome."


Jared thinks there must be some absolutely perfect moment to tell Jensen that he's not who he said he was. He clearly couldn't have told Jensen that immediately, because Jensen wouldn't have stuck around to get to know him, and he really wanted Jensen to get to know him. And so now he's waiting until Jensen likes him enough to give him a chance even though he lied, but not long enough that he was keeping secrets.

But he's been keeping secrets right from the beginning, so he's working with a certain kind of logic that isn't.

He's just got to hope that Jensen will hear him out, because Jared is pretty sure he's in love with the guy, and it would suck if he got dumped because he lied to avoid Jensen hating him for getting fired.

"I mean," says Jared, "it's not my fault he didn't get the whole story."

"You could have told him the whole story," Sandy points out, with maddening calm and logic.

"He wouldn't have listened! You didn't hear him on the phone. He would've reamed me out before I got three words in."

"I thought you wanted him to ream you out," says Chad.


"Seriously, have you fucked him yet?"

"No," Jared mutters. He wants to, and Jensen has made it fairly clear he's willing, but Jared can't bring himself to fuck a guy who doesn't even know his name. No matter how hot the guy is, and how much he likes him. This is why he can never go out with Chad; Chad insists on making up ridiculous "bar names" for them, and Jared's too embarrassed to even think about getting it up.

"Well, come on, pansy! Seal the deal. Once you've fucked him he won't care what your name is."

"What makes you think that?" asks Sandy, sounding like she doesn't really want to know.

"I've seen his dick," says Chad dismissively. "Gay guys are all size queens, right?"

"You are the worst person I have ever met," says Sandy. She turns back to Jared. "You need to tell him."

"I know! I know. God, I want to tell him. But every time I try I get interrupted, and it's not, like--I can't just say it! Out of nowhere! There has to be some--I can't just call him up and say, Hi, you hate me because I got fired trying to save your shelter, but you don't know that because you won't listen!"

"How are you doing saving his shelter?"

Jared groans. It's the 30th, a Thursday, and Jared has been taking the time he'd normally be going into work to taking apart the eviction notice that his firm managed to get by the judge while he was getting fired. It's full of jargon, but Jared's sure it's bullshit; there's just so much jargon it's taking forever to prove it. "Slow but steady."

"Maybe you can start by telling him that."

"Yeah, nice opening." Jared sighs. "I'm gonna tell him. New Year's Eve."

"So, tomorrow."

"Tomorrow," Jared agrees. "God, he's going to dump me."

"If he doesn't listen, he doesn't deserve you anyway," says Sandy.

"Fuck him," says Chad.

"Fuck him, like, fuck him, or he's not worth it?" asks Sandy.

"Both," says Chad.

"Thanks," says Jared. "Real helpful."


Jensen is a little excited to see Sam. Just, for normal reasons, like they haven't seen a lot of each other recently, and he likes the guy, and--okay, he's maybe perking up every time the doorbell rings because he's a little bit in love with Sam. Who, he thinks, is his boyfriend, his actual boyfriend, even though they haven't really talked about the logistics of the whole thing.

"God, you're so gone," says Mac. She spent Christmas with her new boyfriend, but the New Year's party is a bigger deal than Christmas in this family, so their mom insisted she come home. She's been mocking Jensen pretty steadily all night.

"Shut up," he mutters, settling back down on the top of the stairs as one of his dad's old work buddies comes in with his wife. "I just--I like him."

Mac cocks her head. "You really do, huh."


"I'm just not used to you being--in love."

Jensen flushes. "Me neither. But he's--he's really great, Mac. We just clicked. I've never clicked with anyone like that."

"I'm happy for you," says Mac. "Really. It's great to see you like this."

"I wish everyone thought that," says Jensen.

"Who doesn't?"

"Josh," says Jensen, leaning back on his elbows. "He's--he wishes I was dating Will."

Mac wrinkles her nose. "Will is a douchebag."

Jensen laughs. "Yeah, I know, but Josh doesn't."

"Josh knows he's a good friend, just doesn't know he's an awful boyfriend."

"I don't know how he missed it," says Jensen, grinning.

"Our brother," says Mac, shaking her head. "Not too bright."

The doorbell rings again, and Jensen immediately jolts up.

"Oh, hello, Sam!" says his mother, and Jensen's on his feet, wiping his clammy palms against his pants.

"You're adorable," says Mac, grinning.

"Shut up," Jensen hisses, and tramps down the stairs.

Sam's in the doorway, shrugging off a coat and scarf. He's wearing a suit, all sharp lines and white teeth, and Jensen's not sure he's ever seen anyone so gorgeous in his life.

"Hi," he breathes.

Sam turns to him, and the affection that's clear in his eyes is almost like a physical blow. "Hey," says Sam. He pecks Jensen on the lips as soon as he's close enough. "You look amazing," he says.

"Thanks," says Jensen. "You clean up pretty good yourself."


"Decent, anyway."

Sam grins.

"Aww," says Mac, and Jensen elbows her.

"Sam, this is my little sister, Mac."

"Hey, Mac," says Sam, reaching out a hand.

"I know you," says Mac, shaking. Something weird flits through Sam's eyes.

"You do?" says Sam cautiously.

"Elf!" she says, snapping his fingers.

"Elf?" asks Jensen.

"You were a Christmas Elf at the mall, right? I've seen you."

Jensen stares, because--now that she mentions it, he can see Sam in that elf he met fucking years ago, tall and dimpled.

"Yeah," says Sam. "Since I was like twelve, or something."

"You remember him, Jensen, right?" asks Mac.

"Yeah," says Jensen, and something is niggling at the back of his mind. Before he can say anything, though, Will comes up behind him, a heavy hand on his shoulder.

"You," says Will harshly.

"Me?" asks Jensen. "Are you drunk?"

"No," says Will. "He's a liar. He's not who he says he is."

"Sam?" asks Jensen, confused. He expects, when he looks over at Sam, to see confusion, maybe a little amusement. But Sam looks like the bottom has dropped out of his world. "Sam?"

"His name's not Sam," says Will, but Jensen is barely listening to him.

Sam smiles, crooked but not happy. "I wanted to tell you. I was going to tell you. I kept trying to, and that's not an excuse, but--god, Jensen, I never meant for you to--"

"What's happening, Sam," says Jensen, slowly.

"His name's Jared Padalecki," says Will.

Jensen stares.

In some ways, it makes fucking sense. Jim really has known Jared forever, and he loves the kid. But-- "What the fuck," says Jensen.

"I just--you hate me," says Sam--Jared, he hasn't denied it. "You hated me, and I saw you at that stupid Santa thing and you seemed so--I mean, aside from the part where you were ranting about how you wanted wolves to eat me alive. But you--I've never felt connected to anyone like I do to you, and--God, Jensen, I'm sorry."

"His firm is trying to shut down your shelter," says Will.

"I don't work for them anymore," Jared says, not taking his eyes off Jensen. "I don't, I swear, I--"

"You need to go," says Jensen, because he can't think.

Jared looks broken open. "Yeah, I--I'm so sorry," he says again, and he leaves without his coat or his scarf or anything, into the snow.

"I told you he was no good for you," says Will, putting an arm around Jensen's shoulders. "I'm way--"

Jensen has had a long day, and he's pissed at Will, and at himself, and at fucking Jared Padalecki, whose name is not Sam Klein and who--

Jensen punches Will in the face.

"You're not my fucking boyfriend," says Jensen, "so stop saying that."

Then he leaves the house.

Jim is at his place, of course, and Jensen bursts in without knocking.

"Jim!" he yells.

"Jesus," says Jim. "I'm not deaf." He comes out in a bathrobe, looks Jensen up and down. "Jared told you, huh."

"What the hell were you thinking, Jim?"

"I was thinking," says Jim, getting a bottle of whiskey out of his cupboard, "that here was a guy I liked, and a kid I half raised, and I thought they'd get along great if one of those guys," he glares at Jensen, "would stop being a judgmental idiot."

"So you sent him to my house on Christmas with a fake name?"

"I didn't give him the fake name," says Jim. "That was his stroke of genius. But you like him, you moron, and he was late to that hearing because he was getting fired for helping us out. So as far as I can see, you have no beef."

"He lied to me," says Jensen weakly.

"If you'd ever met him--"

"You could have just told me!"

"I didn't know he wouldn't! Look, Jensen--he likes you. He fucked up, I fucked up, and I'm sorry. But you gotta think if what he did was bad enough that it's worth giving him up."

Jensen swallows. "I don't really know him," he protests.

"Yeah, you do. All he lied about was his name."

"How do you know?"

"Because I know that kid. Most honest lawyer I've ever met."

Jensen sighs. He thinks about--how fucking happy he's been, how being with Sam--being with Jared--made him feel better than he ever has before, not because he was miserable before, or anything, but because everything feels like so much more with Jared.

Because he's in love with Jared.

"You got his address?" says Jensen.

"Yeah," says Jim. "I got it."


Jared knows that sitting on the couch feeling sorry for himself is not the best solution to his problems. He should call Chad or Sandy, but he knows what they'll say. Chad will say Jensen is an asshole, which might be true, but Jared was an asshole too, so it's not like that helps or anything. And Sandy would be sweet and try to make him feel better, but he just--he's going to wallow.

And the worst part, he thinks, is that he doesn't know how he could have made it better. He's sure--so fucking sure--that if he'd just introduced himself to Jensen, Jensen would have reamed him out, and when he found out he was wrong, he would've been too stubborn to ever admit it.

Okay, Jared's still in the wrong here, but--yeah. Life sucks.

He's not sure why he drags himself up when the doorbell rings, but when he does, and it's Jensen, he can't do much more than stare.

"Hi," says Jensen.

"Hey," says Jared, hesitantly. "I'm--God, Jensen, I'm sorry, I wanted to tell you, and I kept getting interrupted, and that's not actually a good excuse, but--"

"Did you lie about anything other than your name?" asks Jensen.

"No," says Jared, immediately. "Seriously, I--"

Jensen kisses him.

Jared takes a second to flail embarrassingly, and then he settles his hands on Jensen's face, pulls him closer.

"God, Jensen," he murmurs against Jensen's lips. "I'm really fucking in love with you."

Jensen laughs. "I brought your coat."

"You say the sweetest things."

"Don't want you catching cold."

"You'll have to keep me warm."

"Were you this corny before I knew your name? I don't think you were."

"I definitely was," says Jared. "You wanna come inside?"

Jensen grins. "Thought you'd never ask."

"Not, uh--" he blushes. "I'm not expecting--anything. If you don't want to. I know I lied and was an asshole and--"

"You really got fired trying to save the shelter?"

"Yeah," says Jared. "I'm still going to, you know. Save it, I mean."

"Okay," says Jensen.


"I think I could be talked into putting out. Just, you know--" he grins. "After the party."

Jared groans, leans his forehead against Jensen's shoulder. "You want me to go back to the party when you were talking about putting out?"

"I gave Will a black eye," says Jensen. "I thought you might want to check it out."


"I'm a badass," says Jensen. "And I'm taken."

Jared grins. "Damn straight you are."


Jensen feels like everything should be weird now, or at least different. But being with Jared is the same as being with Sam, only Jared's more relaxed, easier, and somehow even more affectionate. It's kind of sobering to realize that Jared really was stressed out about this, really did care that he was lying.

"So, Jared," says Mac, smiling. "My stupid brother forgave you?"

Jared grins. "I groveled."

Jensen snorts. "You did not. Jim told me I was being a dumbass."

"Really?" asks Jared.

"Yeah. I went and yelled at him for not telling me, and he told me I was a dumbass if I gave you up just because you gave me a fake name."

Jared flushes. "That's what I was really hoping you'd think."

"Jensen!" says Josh, coming over. "Where'd you go?"

"Find my boyfriend," says Jensen, leaning against Jared. Just like always, Jared's arm comes up around him instantly.

"Did you punch Will in the face?" asks Josh.

"I still wanna see that," Jared says helpfully.

"He deserved it," Jensen mutters.

"He so did," says Mac.

"Hey," says Jared, "I kind of owe him one. I was definitely punking out."

"Yeah, you're a wuss."

"You're terrifying," says Jared.

"You're like the size of a house," says Jensen. "You should have no fear." Jared laughs, and Jensen suddenly remembers Josh is right there and pissed at him. "Uh," he says. "Look, I know he's your friend, but he's my ex, and he was a shitty boyfriend, and if he didn't get that he's not my boyfriend anymore, it's not my fault if he gets punched in the face."

Josh blinks, and then shrugs. "Yeah, okay, that sounds fair."

"Oh," says Jensen. "I thought that was going to be more of a--thing."

"It's not like I don't know he's a douche," says Josh. "I just thought you liked him."

"Yeah," says Jensen. "No."

"Sam does seem a lot better for you."

"Jared," says Jared, smiling sheepishly.

"Wait, Jared?" asks Josh, but then someone yells "Sixty!" and suddenly, they're counting down to the New Year.

"I hear," says Jared into his ear, "whatever you're doing at midnight is what you're gonna do for the rest of the year."

"So you're going for talking?" asks Jensen.

Jared grins, and kisses him, and keeps kissing him through Auld Lang Syne, keeps kissing him until Mac clears her throat.

"We're gonna need to take a few breaks," says Jared, grinning, "to eat, and sleep, and stuff."

"I'm not unemployed like some people," says Jensen, grinning back, "so I also gotta go to work. But other than that, yeah. My year's looking pretty free."



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Jul. 7th, 2009 02:29 am (UTC)

Also, I am so glad Jensen punched Will, because I was about to bitchslap my monitor.

Jul. 7th, 2009 03:02 am (UTC)

I was very upset :(

hallmark movies need moar punching
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Jul. 7th, 2009 02:58 am (UTC)
♥!!! *SQUEALS&FLAILSABOUT* utterly teethrottingly ADORABLE. I love that they had the connection from before and third time's the charm natch and that Jared is a lawyer who would do probono to save an animal shelter and Jensenis avet. I LOVE VET JENSEN FICS!! ♥ idk. there's something about jen being all smarty and animal oriented with jared and his big mangy dogs that makes me all aldkfjaldkf♥

So in conclusion: Thank you for making me forget my heartbreak for like a little bit and get utterly entranced in your universe/fic ♥ your fics always read like real like movies i can see play right before my eyes and they never fail to make me laugh and smile. so thanks. ♥
Jul. 7th, 2009 03:03 am (UTC)
So glad I could distract you from sadness! Hope everything starts looking up soon ♥
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Jul. 7th, 2009 03:12 am (UTC)
YOU should be writing for the Hallmark Channel. I would totally watch all their movies if you did. ♥

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Jul. 7th, 2009 03:14 am (UTC)
It's possible that is actually the correct outlet for my creative genius.
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Jul. 7th, 2009 03:22 am (UTC)

[cuddles ♥]
Jul. 7th, 2009 03:26 am (UTC)
YAY. Christmas fic in July is wonderful. :D
Jul. 7th, 2009 03:32 am (UTC)
Christmas in July fic might be the first good idea to have ever come out of the Hallmark Movie Channel.
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Jul. 7th, 2009 03:38 am (UTC)
I definitely appreciate Christmas!J2 in July. Or any other month. Or not even Christmas. Just, you know.

Man, I was laughing so hard through this. I mean, seriously, 'douche-dar'? Awesome. And of course, yet again, sad!Jared broke through my manly tough exterior to draw out an 'awwwww' of epic proportions.

I love when you write.
Jul. 7th, 2009 11:59 am (UTC)
Douche-dar is a very important thing to have in life. Never leave home without it!
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Jul. 7th, 2009 03:40 am (UTC)

1. You are writing Christmas fic in July.

2. You are writing Hallmark channel J2 AUs.

3. Jared as Santa. I laughed!

4. Jensen punching douchebag Will.

5. Them being all cute and junk.

6. This: "Fuck him," says Chad.

"Fuck him, like, fuck him, or he's not worth it?" asks Sandy.

"Both," says Chad.

Jul. 7th, 2009 12:00 pm (UTC)
1. Your icon is very distracting.

2. I like to imagine that, as in the original film, Jim Beaver is the real Santa Claus in this world, and he just hangs out at an animal shelter and tells people they are stupid in his spare time.
Jul. 7th, 2009 03:44 am (UTC)
Good will
Deliciousness. They're both adorable beyond words. In fact, everyone is adorable except Will the ex. I want to cuddle this story.
Jul. 7th, 2009 12:03 pm (UTC)
Re: Good will
So glad you enjoyed!
Jul. 7th, 2009 03:54 am (UTC)
I love how Hallmark and Lifetime movie channel movies are prime fodder for J2 fics.

That being said, CUTENESS. ♥
Jul. 7th, 2009 12:05 pm (UTC)
I feel like if I actually watch the whole thing, I have to, you know, justify it somehow. Hence, J2! It all somehow works out in my head.
Jul. 7th, 2009 04:03 am (UTC)

(also hallmark movies are the best inspiration. TRUE STORY.)
Jul. 7th, 2009 12:06 pm (UTC)
Hallmark movies are a wonder to behold.
Jul. 7th, 2009 04:16 am (UTC)
*cackles* Douche-dar. I am adding that to my regularly used words list. Even if it's not one.

This made me laugh, almost until I cried, and the idea of Jared in a Santa suit is simultaneously sweet and hilarious and hot. Christmas in July! Yay!
Jul. 7th, 2009 12:06 pm (UTC)
I'm sure the dictionary will recognize it soon.
Jul. 7th, 2009 04:26 am (UTC)
processing exam scripts or reading adorable J2 fluff...

you do the math!

This is so cute and funny and perfectly corny.
Jul. 7th, 2009 12:12 pm (UTC)
I did have a lot of corn to work with.
Jul. 7th, 2009 04:33 am (UTC)
*grins like a fool*

That's the only way I can express my reaction to the awesomness of this story!

And you should get like bonus points for epic use of the word "douche" and its related words, lol. :D
Jul. 7th, 2009 12:13 pm (UTC)
If using the word douche in excess is wrong, then I don't want to be right.
Jul. 7th, 2009 05:30 am (UTC)
Hallmark has THE best plotlines, TRUFAX! And you bending them to your will is just beyond awesome! :D
Jul. 7th, 2009 12:13 pm (UTC)
I was trying to write a summary and, like, it's not a COMPLICATED MOVIE but there's so much SPECIAL in there that it was hard to cram it all in.
Jul. 7th, 2009 05:35 am (UTC)
LOL. This was just sweet and funny and *fistpump* (especially with the punching LOL)

Loved it... I'm sure this was a much better version than the movie. Hehe. Then again I could be biased cuz it does star Jared and Jensen. Hehehe.

You are awesome! :-)
Jul. 7th, 2009 12:14 pm (UTC)
The movie did have a few faults. Mostly that I wanted to punch everyone in the face, not just the characters they wanted me to.
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